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401k For Self Employed – How The Solo 401k Keep You Financially Secured

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By Dmitriy Fomichenko

The 401k for self employed is a retirement account that makes financial sense especially if you consult with and set up your account with the right provider, Sense Financial. There are tons of retirement plans you can find in today’s overflowing market but only a few would help you secure your hard-earned money and see it grow through lucrative investment. Best of all, the Self-Directed Solo 401k retirement plan is one of the easiest and most convenient retirement accounts to handle and use.

The Truth about the 401k for Self Employed

You can find tons of information especially with online 401k details but it helps to learn some of the fundamentals about this retirement policy. For instance, you only need to comply with two main eligibility requirements to set up and establish an account. First, you must be a small business owner with only you and your spouse as the fulltime employees. Second, you must prove your self-employment activity such as working as independent contractor or consultant.

Remarkable Benefits of the Self-Directed 401k

The 401k for self employed is a lucrative way to secure your money through a retirement account. There are known benefits and perks you can enjoy with the Individual 401k such as the following:

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  • Tax-Free Investment, Growth and Withdrawal – This is applicable for the Roth 401 k sub account where the plan owner could make after-tax contribution and enjoy tax free income and profit from his investments funded by the Solo 401k. If you want no tax restrictions on your investment income and withdrawal, make sure you rollover your IRA to Roth Solo 401k.
  • Highest Maximum Contribution – This is a remarkable upside if you open a 401k for self employed. The Solo 401k retirement plan maximum annual contribution 10 times higher than Traditional or IRA retirement accounts. A total value of $57,500 is your maximum yearly contribution inclusive of the catch up and profit sharing contribution.
  • Checkbook Control – This is a feature for convenience of using your retirement funds. You can use your retirement savings to fund an investment in real estate, tax liens, tax deeds, precious metals, and many others as easy as signing a check. That means you need no custodial consent to use your money for investment.

The 401k for self employed is the solution to your quest for lucrative investment ventures. Prepare for your future with a reliable and tested retirement account today.

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