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Another Reader Retires Five Years After Buying 1st Rental


Hello, Realty411 readers! I hope everyone is doing fantastic and ready to step into Spring. It’s my hope that you’re expanding your education and forging ahead with your investment goals.

I, for one, am moving right along with my mission of providing complimentary and quality resources to investors around the world, which can help them realize their financial goals.

Recently, Bobby S., one of our long-term followers in the Bay Area, reached out to share with me that he was turning in his resignation at the technology company where he worked. He is only 55 years young so he’s definitely retiring early, which is what most people dream of doing.

The reason he specifically called was to thank me for organizing an out-of-state investing bus tour five years ago, which helped him buy his first long-distance rental. That experience also sparked an interest in him to want to help others learn to invest as well.

Soon, he began to tell his colleagues about his positive investing experience, and he began to seek more properties out for himself, and later also for his friends and associates.

After a number of years, our loyal investor/reader evolved into an educated authority on investing in out-of-state rentals. He now also hosts his own events and has a loyal following of investors. What an amazing experience to know that Realty411 was the instrument which shaped Bobby’s early retirement. Not only did we teach him about passive cash flow, but now he is multiplying that message by sharing it.

What a joy to know that Realty411 is changing LIVES! I changed the course of my life with real estate, and now it’s your turn too. Please call us anytime if we can assist you, or if you have any questions: (805) 693-1497. I hope to see you soon at our next live event!

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