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Yield Compression – Why are rates in California for alternative real estate financing declining in a rising interest rate market?

By Edward Brown   The Prime Rate has been slowly increasing over the past six months, but real estate financing in the alternative sector in California has actually decreased. Why? Competition between private lending companies in real estate [also known as hard money lenders] has increased over the past five years. This has led to […] Read More

Is the Secrecy of a Land Trust Lawful?

By Randy Hughes, Mr. Land Trust Land Trusts have been used in the United States for over 100 years, primarily for privacy of ownership. Many people, for various reasons, want to own real estate without public knowledge. Perhaps they are a celebrity, politician (President Obama owns his house in the Chicago suburbs in a land […] Read More

Free Money….. No, Really! It’s True!

By Reggie Brooks Our Government makes hundreds of different programs available to distribute billions of dollars to us in the form of grants, low interest loans, and subsidies. The money is then appropriated by politicians who are smart enough to know that the best way to keep their jobs is by funneling Government money into […] Read More

Texas Cash Cow Arrest — Beware of Real Estate Fraud

By Kathy Fettke The arrest of a Texas developer, who’s well-known in the real estate industry, is a big reminder to thoroughly vet the people and deals you are working with. Phillip Carter of Frisco is accused of taking $17.5 million dollars from investors for development projects in North Texas but authorities say he used […] Read More

Should You Foreclose After a Charging Order?

By Garrett Sutton The charging order is a key to LLC asset protection. If you are sued in a car wreck and the victim wants to get at your assets, the charging order (n many states, including Wyoming and Nevada) is the victim’s only relief. It provides for a lien on distributions, meaning the victim […] Read More

Underwriting a Loan Transaction where the Borrower is a Family Trust

By Dan Harkey A property owner may choose to hold title to a property by creating a family trust. The “JQSmith” Trust dated February 31, 2020 will become a separate entity similar in nature to any other entity, Corp, LLC, or partnership, but with different rules, regulations, and standards of care.  “John Quincy Smith, as […] Read More

Making Money and Understanding Tax Lien Certificates

By Ted Thomas The simplest way to understand tax lien certificates is to realize all real estate is taxed by the county and sometimes the county and municipality. Property taxes are collected to provide many different benefits to citizens of the county, for example property taxes pay for schools, they pay the sheriff’s department, they […] Read More

The Secret Sauce to Managing Your Wealth…Do You Have One?

By Anita Cooper “To say that I was a failed investor is putting it mildly…” Steve Rozenberg, founder of Empire Industries, LLC and full time commercial airline pilot, knows what it’s like to have your property investing aspirations crash and burn. After 911, the airline industry was very shaky…he wasn’t sure he’d have a career […] Read More

Cogo Capital: Still Dishing Out the Dollars to Fund Property Deals

By Tim Houghten Cogo Capital’s founder, Lee Arnold, reveals his unique approach to funding real estate entrepreneurs, and how millions of dollars are being poured into nationwide deals through Cogo Capital. This is Your Moment & Cogo Capital Wants to Fund it Lee Arnold says Cogo is attracting a windfall of new loan requests from […] Read More

HEADLINE: California Investors BEWARE: ADUs

By Aaron Norris In September of 2018, The Norris Group created a two-hour session for our TNG Academy Subscribers that covered ADUs (accessory dwelling units). It took months of preparation to understand the rules, regulations, politics, and the future of this interesting opportunity. The Norris Group launched all new hard money rates in California and […] Read More

Kribbz: How Kent Clothier Is Reinventing Real Estate Now

By Tim Houghten Putting More Power, Speed & Money in the Hands of Home Sellers and Investors This could be HUGE for you… It is no secret that there has been LOTS of room and need for disruption and increased efficiency in the real estate world. Yet, despite all the hype about digital mortgages, crowdfunding, […] Read More

How To Get Paid Big Dollars And Work Where You Want And When You Want AND RETIRE EARLY

By Ted Thomas This Will Knock Your Socks Off!  2 Distinct Investment Opportunities #1 Tax Lien Certificates – One of the Safest Investments In America Today! When it comes to real estate investing, there is much to be learned and a lot of money to be made. The prudent investor knows that it is impossible […] Read More

Kathy’s 2019 Housing Forecast

By Kathy Fettke, Co-CEO of the Real Wealth Network Welcome to my 2019 Housing Forecast! I’ve been doing these predictions for many years starting well before the housing crisis, when loans were easy and home prices only went “up.” I was a mortgage broker back then, and knew something was very wrong in the lending […] Read More


By Karen A. Walker For Terica Kindred it’s not about real estate. It’s not even about money.  For her, it’s all about freedom. Real freedom—the kind you can own…. and share.  Girl On Fire She bought her first property, a four-plex, at age 20. By age 23, Terica Kindred owned 10 rental properties. By 24 […] Read More

Communicating with the Executor: Tips for Working Your Probate Leads

By Kristine Gentry, Ph.D. While many real estate investors say probate leads are one of their best lead sources, there are still many real estate investors who are reluctant to get started in this business. One of the common concerns we hear from potential probate investors is that they are unsure of how to communicate […] Read More

Interest Rate and Home Price Swings

By Rick Tobin Historically, the #1 reason why home prices generally rise, remain flat, or fall is directly related to the latest 30-year fixed mortgage rates. This is true because the vast majority of home buyers need third-party funds from banks, credit unions, or mortgage professionals to purchase and sell their homes to new buyers […] Read More

Is It Honest to Use A Land Trust?

By Randy Hughes, Mr. Land Trust I have been using Land Trusts for over 40 years in my real estate business, but every now and then someone will challenge me as to the purpose and “honesty” in using a Land Trust to hold title to real estate investments. Let’s clear the air. Recently I was […] Read More

A Hidden Wealth-Building Tool Every Investor Should Know About

If you already have a million dollars set aside for your retirement years – a figure most experts recommend as a goal – you’re not the norm. According to 2013 data from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI),  individuals living on the cusp of retirement age (in their 50s and 60s) are well behind $1 million […] Read More

Are Investments in Temporary Rentals a Good Investment?

By Edward Brown With the popularity in Air BNB [for discussion purposes, we are using Air BNB, but there are other similar companies that could be substituted in] gaining traction in the market place, many real estate investors have been looking at purchasing residential real estate for the specific purpose of renting the real estate […] Read More

Using The Right Mailing Lists to Locate Motivated Sellers (Part 1)

By Kathy Kennebrook “The Marketing Magic Lady” Implementing the right list and using the right letter when creating your direct mail campaigns to locate motivated sellers is crucial to your success as a Real Estate Investor. There are lots of different ways to find these lists and lots of different types of lists to choose […] Read More