Dealing With Rejection as a Note Investor

By Cody Cox I’ve been in sales in a variety of capacities since the mid-1980’s. Well really, we’ve all been in sales since the moment of birth. We were pretty convincing at that time, demanding what we needed. Somehow, over the years that changed. But when I started getting paid for being in sales, and […] Read More

Notes With a Side of Bacon

By Cody Cox I’ve said multiple times in the past that in the note business, everyday is a day of education. Everyday provides for another learning opportunity, or as my HR Manager says, “another opportunity to excel.” One of the many things I learned this week is there is a website that will show you […] Read More

Mortgage Note Investing: Institutional vs. Seller Financed Notes

By Fuquan Bilal What’s the difference between institutionally originated mortgage notes, and seller financed notes? Which are better for investing in? Institutionally originated and seller originated mortgage notes can be substantially different from an investment perspective. They have notable differences. Yet, they can both be traded as valuable paper. How are they different? Which should […] Read More

Should Property Taxes be Deductible As Charitable Contributions?

By Fuquan Bilal As the nation comes to grips with the next tax plan, new solutions for minimizing the hit are being floated. Like, should property taxes actually be considered a fully deductible contribution to charity? Several New Jersey towns are in favor of making things easier for residents, by allowing them to make charitable contributions instead […] Read More

2018 – Year of The Home Equity Loan

By Fuquan Bilal 2018 could go down as ‘Year of the Home Equity Loan’. With record amounts of US home equity and mortgage lenders looking for ways to spur growth, as refinance and purchase loans lag, we could see an intense amount of home equity lending this year. Here’s what investors need to know… 42M […] Read More

How to Predict a Housing Bubble

Source: […] Read More

Troon Pacific Appoints Clark Rendall as Sustainable Design Development Coordinator

Troon Pacific Maintains Leadership Position as Preeminent Wellness/Sustainable Residential Developer in San Francisco   SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 22, 2017 – Troon Pacific, a San Francisco-based real estate development firm that specializes in technologically advanced and eco-friendly homes, is pleased to announce Clark Rendall as its new Sustainable Design Development Coordinator.   As the […] Read More

Zoom to $uccess in 2018 by Learning from Millionaires at REALTY411 Expos – LEVERAGE YOUR TIME WITH OUR RESOURCES & CONNECTIONS

Leverage is the Answer. If you, like most people enjoying a new year, are questioning how you can make more money in 2018 — then you need to learn about leverage.   What is leverage?   “The use of a small initial investment, credit, or borrowed funds to gain a very high return in relation […] Read More

Announcing Launch of the Bay Area Commercial & Multifamily Real Estate Investment Club

NEWLY-FOUNDED BACOMM UNITES INVESTORS IN BAY AREA Wilson Investment Properties is launching BACOMM: Bay Area Commercial & Multifamily, a real estate investment club that caters to investors of all experience levels looking to advance from rental homes and move up to the big leagues of commercial and multifamily real estate investing. Members will also have […] Read More

Find the FUNDS with Finance of America Commercial

Preview of our NEW Private Money411 financial publication! In this informative featured article we spotlight Finance of America Commercial. Our complete Private Money411 issue will be available at our upcoming LIVE events. Since 2007, Realty411 has been providing vital information and resources to assist investors in creating long-term wealth with real estate. Developed by an […] Read More

Trials & Triumphs, The Rise of Realty411 – A Personal Message from the Publisher

Thank you for being a part of our publication, we appreciate your time and connection as we close out the year 2017. Looking back at the past 12 months, I cannot but also reminisce about the past 10 years of business in leading Realty411. When I started this publication in 2007, I sincerely wanted to […] Read More

Merry Christmas! Join Our VIP Network and Receive Our Next Issue.

Be Notified of Our NEW Issues As Soon As They’re Published! Plus, join our Free VIP network and receive magazine links, special articles, invitations to our latest seminars, webinars and teleconferences. Realty411 is the Original Realty Resource magazine for investors of real estate, we also now produce REI Wealth Monthly, as well as special-edition issues. […] Read More

Holiday Downloadable Gift & Prosperity-Building for 2018 Now

  Dear Friend of REALTY411; Thank you for being in our network, we are excited to have shared 2017 with you! As you may know, we are currently the only company giving away complimentary investment publications, packed with how-to, time-tested strategies for building long-term wealth with real estate. Plus, our events are complimentary as well. […] Read More

The Hot Housing List

The Hot Housing List thumbnail

13 of the Top 20 hottest or booming housing markets in the nation are located within the state of California as of March 2016, per the National Association of Realtors. In spite of the incredibly high rates of taxation, business license fees, gas prices, and the outrageously expensive cost of living in California, a high […] Read More

How Today’s Technology Helps Real Estate Investors Build Thriving Businesses

How Today’s Technology Helps Real Estate Investors Build Thriving Businesses thumbnail

The challenges in today’s real estate market means that you need to take advantage of every opportunity available in order to build your business.  One of the best ways to build your business, create new streams of income and work more efficiently is by using the new technology that is available to every investor.  From […] Read More

Landlords and Land Trusts

Landlords and Land Trusts thumbnail

I have been a landlord for 43 years and I have always threatened to write a book of my experiences. Perhaps one day I will write a “tell all” book about the crazy and unique tenant situations that I have found myself in, but for now, I will limit this article to those experiences that […] Read More

Is Mortgage Principal Reduction a Possibility?

Is Mortgage Principal Reduction a Possibility? thumbnail

There have been millions of homeowners since 2007 (the official start of the ongoing “Credit Crisis”) who have struggled to make their monthly mortgage payments, partly due to employment challenges, increasing consumer expenses, high student loan balances, and / or other negative financial factors. For the vast majority of Americans, the equity (the current market […] Read More

Flip or Flop? Meet Reality TV’s Favorite Real Estate Couple, Tarek & Christina El Moussa

Flip or Flop? Meet Reality TV’s Favorite Real Estate Couple, Tarek & Christina El Moussa thumbnail

The hit reality show “Flip or Flop” has not only changed Tarek El Moussa’s life, it literally saved it. “2013 was a life-changing year,” El Moussa said. He and his wife Christina are prolific real estate “flippers” and host a related reality show on HGTV. One of his viewers — a registered nurse — noticed […] Read More

Real Estate World Wide – The Time is Now

Real Estate World Wide – The Time is Now thumbnail

The Clothier’s connection economy puts 4 real estate companies on the Inc. 5000 list Kent Clothier lives by the ethos of being “unwilling to waste a single moment.” The fact that his family’s businesses stake claim to four spots on Inc.’s fastest growing private companies list proves that. From Airbnb to Uber to Facebook today’s […] Read More

Mentors, Masterminds and Accountability Partners; Your Secret Sauce

Mentors, Masterminds and Accountability Partners;  Your Secret Sauce thumbnail

Real estate investors spend a great deal of time setting up the structure of their businesses. There are so many pieces to all of our businesses. We set up websites, write blog posts, develop strategies for lead and traffic generation, design opt-in forms, and write auto-responders. It is also necessary to create forms, set up […] Read More