Investing Insights from a REAL BLACK BELT

By Tim Houghten Sensei Gilliland just kicked the real estate bandwagon in half. If you want to lead, get to the gold, and keep it – read this… Real estate master Sensei Gilliland has never claimed to be a real estate investing ‘guru’. He has just put in the work, stayed focused, and refused to […] Read More


Meet the NEW Step-by-Step Map for Getting Paid for Flipping Houses By Sensei Gilliland, CEO of Black Belt Investors Flipping houses can be hugely profitable and freeing. It’s a complete life-changer.At least that’s true if you get it right, and you stick it out until you start getting those checks in the door. Sadly, far […] Read More

SCOTT MEDNICK President of and Marblehead Real Estate Partners

Scott Mednick, President of and Marblehead Real Estate Partners is a seasoned real estate professional with a keen market insight and a thorough understanding of current investment opportunities. Scott has 30 years’ experience transacting residential and commercial properties. Scott has been involved in over 200 million dollars of value-add real estate and has collaborated […] Read More


BY TIM HOUGHTEN In an exclusive interview, CEO of Specialized IRA Services, Edwin Kelly, reveals new insights on how individuals, business owners and real estate promoters can leverage more options to accelerate their investments, fatten their net returns and reduce risk. CLARITY, CHOICES & CONTROL With ongoing concerns about the lack of fiduciary responsibility in […] Read More

JUSTIN FORD – Owner at Encore Real Estate Group, Co-Founder / FOREX Trader and Educator at Team Take Profits

Learn with Justin Ford – Real Estate Broker, FOREX Educator, Entrepreneur and Visionary From struggle to success, Justin Ford truly lives the saying “It’s not how to start, but how you finish.” At the age of 19, with his life in disrepair, Justin made the critical decision to turn it all around. Now at the […] Read More

Turbo Charging Your Investing Through Your IRA

  One of the best rewards of being in real estate over the past few years is seeing how more individuals and families are taking advantage of self-directed retirement accounts to fast track their investments and pay less in taxes. This is a great country that still has a lot of freedoms and opportunity. If […] Read More

Are You Ready To Live Overseas? Before You Move, Read This.

-Special Submission by Matt Malouf- The surge of Americans living full-time and seasonally abroad continues. Currently, The Association of Americans Resident Overseas (AAR) estimates that 8.7 million American reside oversees. Our editors have seen many real estate investors who read our publications make that transition. Their reasons are varied, but have included: to retire early […] Read More

The SKY is the LIMIT for Former Pilot Turned Houston Property Investor & Manager

After his job was threatened by the aftermath of 9/11, Steve Rozenberg, co-founder of Empire Industries, LLC realized that obtaining financial freedom through investing in property is a much surer way of building wealth than working for someone else. “I’m an airline pilot by trade,” said Steve. “I fly for a commercial airline, and so […] Read More

OP-ED: Why Chinese Investors Are Still Buying CA Properties & Will Continue To Do So

-EXCLUSIVE READER OPINION PIECE- Submit Your Article or Event CLICK HERE Foreign investors made up a large number of real estate buyers in the past few years, but is their activity diminishing in our new political climate? Discover insight from a Top Producer with direct connections and years of experience with international investors. by Yumiko […] Read More

Goal Setting – Did You Write Down Your Resolutions for 2019? Do It! Here’s why…

Realty411 is re-publishing this previously-written post so that our new readers can benefit from these timeless tips. As the upcoming market slows down across the country, investors need to be especially cautious and become educated like never before. It is for this reason that Realty411 will increase its frequency in publishing and produce more events […] Read More

Own Your Kid’s College Home: ONE PARENT’S STORY – $4,000 for 3 Years of Housing

By Kathy Fettke If you’re challenged by the high cost of college housing, there are ways to offset your expenses. One California parent says her method is not only cutting college housing costs down to the bone, it’s also providing a valuable “life lesson” for her son. Kaaren Hall of Irvine, California, is a single […] Read More


CEO | REAL ESTATE WORLDWIDE In this Exclusive Interview, the Real Estate Mogul & Serial Entrepreneur Discusses Markets, Goals, Family, and his REI career. Interview by Linda Pliagas Recently our team had the opportunity to interview one of the most well-known and respected real estate entrepreneurs in the industry, Kent Clothier. We discussed everything from […] Read More

The ONLY BAY AREA Connection You’ll Ever Need – BAMF

Interview by Anita Cooper Ms. Holly Lynn’s Bay Area Multifamily Meetup Group attracts networking mavens for hungry investors to connect, invest, and retire rich. For most investors, it starts with the dream. You know the one… financial (and time) independence through investing in property? While real estate is a fantastic wealth-creation vehicle, you’ll be spinning […] Read More


Constrained housing supply has been a theme for much of the past year, with land and labor shortages, expensive lumber and tight financing options all contributing to what has been a challenging year for both builders and buyers. Finance of America Commercials new construction product could be starting to change that. Launched in February 2017, […] Read More

Crowdfunding Meets Amazon

The Future of Investing is Here Investing & Financing DEALS is Now as EASY as Shopping on Amazon! By Lori Greymont Here’s another big statement: InvestNestis about to completely disrupt investing as you know it…and not just real estate investing — investing across different classes of assets. What do I mean when I say ‘disrupt’? […] Read More

Turbo Tips to Navigate Your Brokerage toward EXPLOSIVE Growth

QUICKLY EXPAND YOUR BROKERAGE (OR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT BUSINESS), LISTEN TO THIS WEEK’S SHOW. Are you ready to grow your brokerage business quickly and effortlessly? Whether you’re a seasoned top producer or a newbie real estate agent, you’ll benefit immensely from this week’s Realty411 Radio podcast show. This week, Realty411 Radio focuses on growth, expansion […] Read More

How to Determine the Value of Good Probate Real Estate Leads

By Leon McKenzie, CEO, US Probate Leads The real estate industry is full of potential for both REALTORS® and investors looking to cash in. One sector within the industry that will allow you to spread your wings and fly is the probate real estate sector. This sector has a value that runs in the trillions […] Read More


What Is It? HOW IT WORKS. How You Benefit. By Bruce Kellogg In a real estate transaction, seller financing takes place when the seller and the buyer agree that the seller will lend some of the purchase price to the buyer to facilitate the sale. This is often labeled “owner will carry” (“owc”), and is […] Read More

A Rehab Repair Estimator

By Gary Massari and Bruce Kellogg Introduction To Real Estate Matters This is an initial article in a new series called, “Gary’s Real Estate Matters” from Gary Massari, CEO of REI Fortunes and Bruce Kellogg, Real Estate Consultant.  In this article you will learn the importance of estimating repair and renovation improvements and how you […] Read More

New IRS RULES for LLC’s & LP’s Taxed As Partnerships

What has changed? The new rules change how the IRS can audit an LLC or LP. In the past, an IRS audit of an LLC or LP taxed as a partnership involved auditing, settling and collecting tax shortfalls from each individual partner. In a master limited partnership (think oil and gas or real estate) with […] Read More