Crowdfunding Meets Amazon

The Future of Investing is Here Investing & Financing DEALS is Now as EASY as Shopping on Amazon! By Lori Greymont Here’s another big statement: InvestNestis about to completely disrupt investing as you know it…and not just real estate investing — investing across different classes of assets. What do I mean when I say ‘disrupt’? […] Read More

Turbo Tips to Navigate Your Brokerage toward EXPLOSIVE Growth

QUICKLY EXPAND YOUR BROKERAGE (OR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT BUSINESS), LISTEN TO THIS WEEK’S SHOW. Are you ready to grow your brokerage business quickly and effortlessly? Whether you’re a seasoned top producer or a newbie real estate agent, you’ll benefit immensely from this week’s Realty411 Radio podcast show. This week, Realty411 Radio focuses on growth, expansion […] Read More

How to Determine the Value of Good Probate Real Estate Leads

By Leon McKenzie, CEO, US Probate Leads The real estate industry is full of potential for both REALTORS® and investors looking to cash in. One sector within the industry that will allow you to spread your wings and fly is the probate real estate sector. This sector has a value that runs in the trillions […] Read More


What Is It? HOW IT WORKS. How You Benefit. By Bruce Kellogg In a real estate transaction, seller financing takes place when the seller and the buyer agree that the seller will lend some of the purchase price to the buyer to facilitate the sale. This is often labeled “owner will carry” (“owc”), and is […] Read More

A Rehab Repair Estimator

By Gary Massari and Bruce Kellogg Introduction To Real Estate Matters This is an initial article in a new series called, “Gary’s Real Estate Matters” from Gary Massari, CEO of REI Fortunes and Bruce Kellogg, Real Estate Consultant.  In this article you will learn the importance of estimating repair and renovation improvements and how you […] Read More

New IRS RULES for LLC’s & LP’s Taxed As Partnerships

What has changed? The new rules change how the IRS can audit an LLC or LP. In the past, an IRS audit of an LLC or LP taxed as a partnership involved auditing, settling and collecting tax shortfalls from each individual partner. In a master limited partnership (think oil and gas or real estate) with […] Read More

Help WANTED! (Flippers)

Please review this important sponsored post, thank you. The good news… Funding for fix & flips + buy & hold Investments is readily available for new and experienced real estate investors. Tap to get matched with a local millionaire! The not so good news… If you try to find it yourself you might run into […] Read More

Out-Of-State Investor Tips From a Veteran Property Manager

By Anita Cooper Investing out of state can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the nuances of the markets you’re investing in. A property can look really good on paper, but does that automatically translate into a great buy? Not necessarily. That’s where due diligence comes into play. A knowledgeable broker can help you […] Read More

10 Things You Have to KNOW Before CLOSING a Multifamily Deal

By Tom Wilson, CEO of Wilson Investment Properties There are so many reasons to get excited about owning a multifamily property that it can be easy to overlook one or more critical areas of due diligence. I’ve been investing in real estate for five decades, and I love multifamily products. My best performing asset is […] Read More

How Investors Can Deal with Balloon Payments

By Bruce Kellogg Creative Investors needing to maximize cash flow and leverage will often finance an asset using a two-step mortgage that requires a balloon payment after a set number of years. A balloon payment is a substantial payment due at the end of a loan, if it does not reset. The loan may be […] Read More

New Capital Gains Tax Rule Could Alter U.S. Property Landscape

A new change to the capital gains tax rule could have a big impact on the U.S. real estate market. By Fuquan Bilal Not much noise has been made about this ‘small’ tweak to the tax code yet. At least not compared to other changes in the new tax bill. Yet, it could have a […] Read More

A “Win Some, Win Some” Investment Opportunity

Interview by Anita Cooper In the real estate world, investors have a lot of choices to grow their portfolios; fix and flip, buy and hold, residential, multi-family or commercial, and finally, one type of investment that’s often forgotten or at the least remains shrouded in mystery: note investing. Note investing is a fantastic way to […] Read More

2020 REI—-The Mustang GT of Real Estate INVESTING

Interview by Tim Houghten Go faster, put the power, experience and hindsight of 2020 REI in your hands, and get on the fast track to your real estate goals As he jumped into the driver’s seat of a new Mustang GT, Realty 411 caught up with 2020 REI’s founder, Tim Herriage. Our fast-paced, hands-free conversation, […] Read More

Issue 49 Free Members Instant Download

Issue 49 has just been published. Click the image to download your free issue.   […] Read More

Embrace the Mobility of Your Investor Lifestyle

By Linda Liberatore As you build your real estate investment portfolio, you dream of ending your 9 to 5 corporate job and the day your freedom begins. No need to go into the office. Now you can spend your days finding properties and evaluating progress on rehabs while managing your current assets. To operate as […] Read More

Choosing the Right Neighborhood

By Marco Santarelli Classifying a neighborhood by “type”, or what many investors refer to as a “grade”, is typically nothing more than a subjective description. Although most people will have a general idea of what is being referred to, in my experience it is usually nothing more than a qualitative rather than quantitative description.  Because […] Read More

Personal Service in a Busy Financial World

By Anita Woods Investing in property can be frustrating, especially when you’re always searching for good financing options that suit your time-frame as an investor. Having someone in your corner toprovide quality information and advice can help you reach your goals more quickly than going at it alone. Steve Bighaus’s clients know they can count […] Read More

Luxury Vacation Rental Business Training Comes to Las Vegas Area

Real Estate Revenue Without the Cost of Ownership Las Vegas, NV., October 4, 2018 — LuxHomePro, a national leader in Short-Term Luxury Vacation Rental education is partnering with Realty411, the Nation’s fastest growing Real Estate Investing Magazine and Expo company to host a Real-Estate conference on November 3rd and 4th, 2018 at the Embassy Suites […] Read More

REALTY411 Exclusive: Real Estate Fraud Spikes In 2018 – Learn How to Protect Yourself & Your Family Now

How to spot scams, what to do when you get taken advantage of, and how to stand out from the scammers… SPECIAL TO REALTY411 MAGAZINE – BY TIM HOUGHTEN Real estate fraudsters seem to be ignoring the fact that criminals from the last housing boom are still being sent to prison for lengthy terms, as […] Read More

Q-an-A with Dani Lynn Robison with Freedom Real Estate Group

A Question and Article Interview with Dani Lynn Robison, Co-Founder of Freedom Real Estate Group     Dani Lynn Robison is no stranger to real estate. In fact, she is a member of the esteemed Forbes Real Estate Council and is Co-Founder of her own turnkey investment business – Freedom Real Estate Group in Dayton, […] Read More