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Probate Investing: Getting Inside the Mind of the Executor

By Sharon Vornholt Today I want to talk about getting inside the mind of the executor. Most people know that probate investing is my favorite real estate niche of all. This group of sellers is very motivated to sell any property in the estate. Once you can understand the seller’s viewpoint, it’s easy to see […] Read More

Retirement Savings – History & Trends

By Kaaren Hall “The retirement crisis is the largest and most urgent global crisis we face today.” The world’s most respected economists and financial analysts believe the pending retirement crisis is of paramount importance. So how did we land here? How have retirement plans evolved over the years? What risks and challenges do individuals face […] Read More

Due Diligence – What it is and Why it Matters!

By Laura Alamery Buying real estate is not as simple as having enough money to purchase the property. It requires time and effort to check and make sure that the condition of the property is good and the title is valid before making the final decision. That is what you call due diligence. In case […] Read More

Finding Deals Through Probate & Eliminate Your Competition!

By Jimmy V. Reed No matter who and where I have taught, the Million Dollars question has always been “how do you find a Deal”? Cause folks, without a deal, its just real estate. It doesn’t matter what area of investing you are in whether its buying, selling, or holding, it will always comes down […] Read More

This is the Best Day of the Year for Real Estate Investors

By Fuquan Bilal What is the best day of the year for real estate investors? I think Mother’s Day is a strong contender. It’s hard to beat from both a business point of view, and in being personally meaningful. If you’re not a mother yourself, then you’ve got mothers in your life. Either they work […] Read More

Approaches To Real Estate Negotiation

By Bruce Kellogg Introduction Negotiation, unfortunately, is not taught much to real estate professionals, or to investors. International, corporate, and purchasing courses exist, even to the extent of Master’s degrees, but real estate has not received the same coverage. This article aims to help that. Start Out Early Negotiations begin at the first encounter (e.g., […] Read More

Garage Sale Real Estate – Make Money in Real Estate and be Dead Broke Doing It!

By Jimmy V. Reed Folks are always telling me I would love to make money in real estate but “I’m just too broke” And I would respond every time, so was I. Back in the late 80’s I started reading books on how to make money in real estate. Every time they kept telling me […] Read More


By Fuquan Bilal Is investing in a real estate fund the right financial move for you? Who is it for? Who isn’t it for? Real estate funds have been proving to be both attractive and profitable vehicles for many investors. For many sophisticated investors, family offices and even larger and broader funds and endowments, they […] Read More

10 Things to Look for When Comparing Real Estate Syndications

The increase in popularity of real estate investment syndications in the last few years has presented huge opportunities to investors looking to invest in commercial, multifamily, or industrial properties in a passive way.  As a review, syndications are a way to pool money from multiple investors to accomplish a common investment goal.  In real estate, […] Read More


By Fuquan Bilal Manhattan has fallen. For over a year the heart of the Big Apple has been battling a real estate correction. While it may not be fun for NYC homeowners, it makes other markets like New Jersey look really appealing to investors. THE FALL OF MANHATTAN Manhattan’s real estate market has been beaten […] Read More


By Fuquan Bilal Arbitrage is both a very basic concept and a high level strategy deployed by sophisticated investors and entrepreneurs. It’s used for efficiently creating great profits, with a lot less hassle and stress. So, how does it work? Who is using it? How can you apply it? Who Uses Arbitrage to Supersize their […] Read More

Land Trusts – Holding Beneficial Interest

By Jay Butler Land Trusts, sometimes referred to as Florida or Illinois ‘type’ trusts because of their favorable state laws and years of case history, are designed to hold title to real property and real property assets including real estate options, contracts and mortgages. Land Trusts are most commonly used to transfer title of income-producing […] Read More


Loan Officers, Real Estate Agents, Developers and Investors are invited to the Son Cubano Restaurant in West New York in May to learn more about Stratton Equities April 17,2019- Parsippany NJ – New Jersey based Mortgage Lender, Stratton Equities, is making noise with their launch event; The Stratton Equities’ Spring Meet and Greet on Wednesday, […] Read More

Another Reader Retires Five Years After Buying 1st Rental

  Hello, Realty411 readers! I hope everyone is doing fantastic and ready to step into Spring. It’s my hope that you’re expanding your education and forging ahead with your investment goals. I, for one, am moving right along with my mission of providing complimentary and quality resources to investors around the world, which can help […] Read More


Is it time to rethink the way you think about funds and invest in them? There are all types of funds. Some are far better and safer than others. Some see all the gains eaten up in fees and admin costs. Others generously pass on great gains to participating investors, even though their upfront estimates […] Read More

Real Estate Investors, If You Could Buy Single Family Homes With No Mortgage For 20 Cents On The Dollar, How Many Would You Buy?

By Ted Thomas Here’s the secrets of a little known but highly lucrative business of purchasing tax defaulted properties at auction for 10-20 cents on the dollar. For many, the question is, what’s the difference between a tax lien certificate and a tax defaulted property (tax deed)? Before you begin investing, it is vital that […] Read More

Why Sponsorship Marketing is a Win-Win

By LAURA ALAMERY Many of you will immediately associate sponsorship with sports; your name on the team jersey, a display ad printed in the game programs, your logo emblazoned on a prominent banner waving in the wind. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that sponsorship marketing is far from being exclusive to the sporting […] Read More

Secure Your Future: Investing in Real Estate Through Self-Directed IRAs

By Kaaren Hall Do you have a 401(k) with a previous employer or an IRA? Are these accounts invested in stock market assets? Most retirement accounts are invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds however the Self-Directed IRA lets you invest outside the stock market. For over 40 years you have been able to invest […] Read More

Savvy Investors Earn 16%, 18%, Up To 24% On Government Tax Lien Certificates

The Question Is; What Is A Tax Lien?…It’s Not What You’re Thinking By Ted Thomas Across America, investors like you are discovering a safe, secure, predictable way to invest directly with the local government and then get checks back from the local government… here’s how.. The most common question I hear is “What is a […] Read More

Three Misconceptions about Japan’s Properties

Japan’s attractive property market draws real estate investors worldwide for its high yield, affordability, rental income cash flow and safe haven economic environment. While the real estate investment arena is undoubtedly attractive, and the second largest real estate investment market in the world, Japan is also one of the countries most affected by natural disasters. […] Read More