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Uncovering the Secrets of Marketing To Motivated Sellers

By Kathy Kennebrook, The Marketing Magic Lady Several years ago, I attended my first real estate seminar and decided this was the business for me. I could do it in my own time and at my own pace and make great money. Considering I was still working a full time job at the time, this […] Read More

Tools of the Trade For Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed Investments

By: Ted Thomas Tax Lien Certificates are the perfect investment vehicle for everyone that wants a low risk and the safety of investing with the government. Tax Lien Certificate and Tax deeds don’t require years of study, and a person can start with less than $500. There are numerous tools; some are basic some are […] Read More

Are Cryptocurrencies a Scam and a Bubble, or Are They The Future?

By Jan B. Brzeski We have reached a very interesting moment for those of us with a strong interest in finance and economics. In recent weeks, some of the leading minds in the investment and finance business have opined about Bitcoin and other cryptocurriences. Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase called Bitcoin “a fraud” and […] Read More

Why Banks Do Not Lend on Certain Loans that Appear Conservative

By Edward Brown Ever wonder why banks shy away from loans that appear to be relatively conservative? There are numerous reasons banks avoid making loans that, in general, one would think have a high likelihood of paying back. According to a banker who works for a well known bank, during the mortgage crisis of almost […] Read More

3 Unique Ways to Turn Your Property Into a Money-making Machine

By Ashley Lipman Almost any property is capable of turning a viable ROI if managed with savvy and foresight. Even bare vacant land can turn a profit if you know where to look for the right kind of customer. Making money through real estate is as old as real estate itself (which is to say, […] Read More

Invest for Success!

By Dr. Albert Lowry You no doubt want to be a successful investor, but you need to know how to move beyond the wishing stage. I have some tips to help you get started and learn what to do to keep yourself on the right path. We’ll take a step-by-step look at how you too […] Read More

The Solution to the Investment Guru Gap

By Russ Keith How did you get started in real estate investing? Maybe someone else…a friend, family member…or even your spouse, was bitten by the property investing bug and you caught it. Or maybe you were invited to a weekend property investing seminar and found yourself thrilled with all of the prospects for financial freedom […] Read More

Are There Too Many Lawyers in the United States?

By Randy Hughes, Mr. Land Trust Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said, “…there are too many lawyers in the United States…” He went on to say, “I do not mean to criticize lawyers, just the need for so many lawyers. Lawyers do not dig ditches or build buildings. When a society requires such a large […] Read More

Property Value: The Capitalization Approach

By Dan Harkey When arranging a loan or investing in real estate, understanding the use of capitalization approach (“Cap Rates”) is critical to the decision-making. This subject is important to commercial realtors, lenders, developers, and investors. Definition of Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate) Cap Rates represent the ratio of Net Operating Income (“NOI”) to the property […] Read More

Molding a Million Dollar Marketing Mind Set

By Kathy Kennebrook (The Marketing Magic Lady) When you are getting started in the real estate business, I know that putting a solid marketing plan in place is going to be one of your first priorities. This will be the main strategy that will separate you from your competition. Decide what your focus is going […] Read More

8 Simple Steps To Riches In Real Estate Or In Any Other Field, For That Matter

By Reggie Brooks   Before I got involved with real estate I tried various other potential money-making ventures.  I created a company called Advanced Video Productions, and spent the first 4 weeks designing the all important ‘logo’.  I might have thought that my income was totally dependent on a well designed, slick logo. I hadn’t […] Read More

The Easy Way to Make Money Online Today – Affiliate Marketing

By Lex Levinrad Do you want to know a little secret about one of the easiest ways to make money online today that takes very little work and effort? You can make a lot of money relatively easily in a short amount of time with affiliate marketing. My motto with all of my real estate […] Read More

Dealing With Negative Cash Flow

By Bruce Kellogg   The Problem For Investors As property prices rise in many markets across the country, it is becoming increasingly difficult for investors to acquire properties with a positive cash flow. Nowadays, it is all the more important to know how to deal with negative cash flow (“NCF”). Here are a number of […] Read More

5 Apartment-Hunting Secrets That You Need To Know

By Wendy Dessler Getting The Best Living Situation Apartments can be useful for a number of reasons, though they can also be expensive, and they can be a real hassle if you don’t choose carefully. Following are five considerations to help you make the best choice in terms of your rental living situation. Use Available […] Read More

Probate Leads: Massively Discounted Properties in Your Market that You’re Not Getting… But Your Competition Is.

By Kristine Gentry, Ph.D. VP of Innovation, US Probate Leads “My market is crowded with investors and everyone is chasing the same deals.” That is usually what we hear when we first speak to a potential customer. They are often looking for a source of leads where there isn’t “so much competition,” and they are […] Read More

Liens and Encumbrances Affecting Real Property

By Dan Harkey What is a Lien? A lien is a legal right, usually referred to as a security interest, in real or personal property given to a creditor to hold and possess as consideration for a loan. The creditor /lender has a charging interest against the collateral and may seek possession in the event […] Read More

Justin French on Business Strategy, Leadership, and SDIRA Wealth

Justin French is the kind of CEO who understands collaboration is the core of innovation. With a growing team that is now nationwide, French’s focus is on the strength of its people.  “I have always believed one of the best investments you can make, as a leader, is in the people you surround yourself with,” French […] Read More

Skrrt, Skrrt… Cars and Real Estate…

Exclusive Article by Fuquan Bilal, NNG Capital Fund Before I discovered real estate I had a passion for cars. I even owned a body shop as one of my first businesses. I now keep my businesses and investments diversified within the real estate industry. Yet, I still love cars, and there are a lot of […] Read More

Invest in Overseas Real Estate to Retire Smartly

By Matt Malouf The 401k plan at your workplace is as traditional as apple pie. You know what it is and you can rely on it. You’ve grown up hearing about this kind of investment being beneficial in life. It’s just something everybody does, and what you should do too.   All it takes is […] Read More

So… You Want to be a Real Estate Investor…

By Lou Brown If you have the intention to be successful in Real Estate, taking a look at what is working for others may be a good place to start… Let’s understand what you want to accomplish. Do you want to have your own business in real estate? Do you want to buy and sell, […] Read More