Goodbye Corporate America! Hello Financial Freedom!

By Isaac Newkirk III It was fourteen years ago that Missy McCall Hammonds found herself tiring of Corporate America. As she considered new employment opportunities, she set down a number of criteria: 1) the replacement of her corporate income, something she could succeed at, no gender limitations, and no limit on the amount of money […] Read More

Discover the All NEW BREIA / MD-REIA Mentorship Program

Learn about the only mentor program in the country that puts up 100% of the funds for every student’s deal! What are the 3 reasons why you should choose a local mentor? Real Estate investing has become one of the most popular ways to get out of the 9-to-5 lifestyle and become financially free. Have […] Read More

How to Become a Millionaire (Starting with Only $100K)!

By Kathy Fettke One of the greatest benefits of real estate investing is the ability to leverage through creative financing. The use of OPM (Other People’s Money) can increase our returns infinitely. Let’s compare the ROI (Return on Investment) on three different investment vehicles: gold, stocks and real estate. Here are some sample case studies […] Read More

The BIG Property GRAB!!

By Dave Lindahl   Three years from now you could be living in a water-front property, sleeping in on Monday mornings, doing only the things you want to do and excitedly walking to the mailbox everyday ready to gather that days set of cash flow checks the Postman dropped off . It’s those cash flow […] Read More

Mortgage Notes: Where Did They All Go?

By Fuquan Bilal Mortgage notes still offer one of the best investment opportunities out there. The big question right now is, where do you find them? Many more investors have been turned on to the benefits of investing in mortgage notes over the past few years. Some have been doing it for themselves. Others have […] Read More

Real Estate Investing: Partnerships Vs. Going It Alone

By Fuquan Bilal What are the pros and cons of partnering up to invest in real estate and mortgage notes versus going it alone? Many struggle with the decision of whether to go it alone or not in their initial real estate and mortgage note investments. For others taking the passive route from the get […] Read More

Mortgage Market Trends To Watch Now

By Fuquan Bilal What’s trending in the mortgage space that investors should be watching now? The US mortgage market continues to evolve in many ways. Whether you are investing directly in real estate, simply own a home, are invested in real estate funds, or are buying mortgage notes, it pays to watch these changes and […] Read More

Stock Market Turn Makes Real Estate Investment Even More Vital

By Fuquan Bilal The recent dive of the Dow Jones is waking up a lot more investors as to how vital it is to be invested in real estate today. Following the complete flop of cryptocurrencies at the beginning of 2018, the Dow Jones has seen stock values plunge sharply. Taking an approximate 10% or […] Read More

Real Estate Data: How To Keep Yours Safe

By Fuquan Bilal As a real estate investor or business owner, keeping your data safe is incredibly important. How do you do it? Whether investing in notes or properties for yourself, or operating an investment firm, you’ve got to protect your data, that of your clients and borrowers, and make sure it is organized and […] Read More

Real Estate Investing Niches To Explore In 2018

By Fuquan Bilal It’s always smart to keep expanding your horizons and investment portfolio. What are some of the new real estate investing niches and sectors you may want to explore this year? Whether you’ve been flipping houses or investing in residential mortgage notes, this could be a good year to get ahead of the […] Read More

Faces of Currency Quiz

[…] Read More

Realty411 Hosts Long Island Expo to Honor East Coast REIA’s Growth & Influence

JOIN US FOR ONE SPECIAL DAY OF NETWORKING, EDUCATION AND DEALMAKING – TAKE YOUR REI KNOWLEDGE TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL Don’t miss our complimentary real estate investor networking conference! Realty411 has been providing the resources investors need to be successful since 2007. At this event, Realty411 is spotlighting the work of the East Coast […] Read More

Fund Your Dreams While Helping Others!

 Many people have a very 19th-century view of what it means to be a real estate investor. They think that we are modern-day “robber barons” who prey upon distressed sellers who have no other option, only to take advantage of them and cash big checks. Here at Connected Investors one of our favorite quotes comes […] Read More

Realty411 & REI Wealth Host Two California Events

Realty411 Hosts Two Southern Calif. REI Events to Welcome Investors   In celebration of their new Realty411 and REI Wealth publications these complimentary conferences will also feature breakfast, raffles, and fantastic new education, all in an up-scale setting to attract the most sophisticated of investors. Spring is here and Realty411 wants to make sure your […] Read More

If It Isn’t Broke, Go Ahead & Fix Ut!

By Cody Cox   I’m old school. I grew up in a time and place where if something was broken, we’d fix it. We weren’t able to run down to the one-stop shopping center and replace what was broke. Plus, we never really had the money to buy something new. We had to find a […] Read More

Seventeen Inches!

By Cody Cox For the past 2 years I’ve been diligently typing out my journey with my note investing business. Each of those emails have always been my own creation, thoughts and experiences. Today, however, I ran across this writing that speaks a lot to a way of doing things. So with baseball starting Spring […] Read More

Boost Your Business & Reputation By Giving Clients Access To This Investment

By Fuquan Bilal This investment could be exactly what today’s serious financial advisors need to stand out and secure their own financial futures and positions in the industry. For too long many wealth advisors and finance brokers have had a very limited offering for their clients. It has been very vanilla, with very little to […] Read More

New House Flipping Data Shows NJ Among Most Profitable Destinations

By Fuquan Bilal   New house flipping data shows NJ continues to offer some of the best opportunities for real estate investors. The economic and real estate market outlook for New Jersey in 2018 is strong. New data suggests it is also a top state for finding strong deals and turning in great returns, with […] Read More

Dealing With Rejection as a Note Investor

By Cody Cox I’ve been in sales in a variety of capacities since the mid-1980’s. Well really, we’ve all been in sales since the moment of birth. We were pretty convincing at that time, demanding what we needed. Somehow, over the years that changed. But when I started getting paid for being in sales, and […] Read More

Notes With a Side of Bacon

By Cody Cox   I’ve said multiple times in the past that in the note business, everyday is a day of education. Everyday provides for another learning opportunity, or as my HR Manager says, “another opportunity to excel.” One of the many things I learned this week is there is a website that will show […] Read More