Safety in Numbers

Every day, all across the country, real estate taxes go unpaid. It’s no secret that real estate taxes generally represent the majority of a county’s revenue; and they need that revenue to provide services like firefighters, police officers, roads and bridges. In more than half of the U.S., counties are required by law to collect unpaid taxes through the sale of tax liens to investors — […] Read More

Investing Secrets of the Rich!

from Jason Hartman’s Financial Freedom Report From corporate CEOs and entrepreneurs to sports icons and political figures, very wealthy individuals invest for success. While your investing career may not have quite the scope of those multimillionaires, you can share in some of the investing strategies that they and their financial managers use to keep those […] Read More


By Hannah Ash Long after everyone else has taken off for the weekend, Dr. Michael C. Grayson enthusiastically discusses the ins and outs of credits from his empty New York office. Dr. Grayson’s finance and credit service, The 990 Club’ was inspired by a rather lofty goal; to help his clients achieve the perfect 990credit […] Read More

Mortgage Industry Goes Back To Basics– But With A Few New Tricks

By Robb Magley Steve Bighaus has been in the mortgage industry long enough to see a lot that looks familiar about today’s market. “I tell people, as far as qualifying, we’re back to lending as it was 20 years ago,” said Bighaus, senior loan officer for SecurityNational Mortgage Company. “I mean obviously we have a […] Read More

How to Vet Out Turn-Key Property Providers (and Avoid Getting Scammed)

By Kathy Fettke Kathy Fettke gives insight on a recent fraud investigation Real estate, like any investment, can attract lots of scammers. How do you really know who you’re dealing with? You see ads everywhere for “turnkey” rental properties, but what does this really mean, and how do you know who to trust? The owners […] Read More


By Paul Finck, The Maverick Millionaire Double Your Income! “Same old, same old” WILL get you the SAME results you have been getting for the last month, quarter, year, decade, and for some of you, your whole life! You must Do It Different™ to get different results in your life. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about your personal life or […] Read More


By Brandon Richards April 4th, 2017. I closed on my first rehab. Awesome, right? Well, let’s rewind time a bit. December 19th, 2015, I drove to Dallas with my two beautiful daughters, a trailer full of personal belongings, $0 in the bank, and a vision. I came to Texas, got my real estate license and went to work. I had high […] Read More

The Scandinavian Secrets to Keeping Cosy

Source:     The Scandinavian Secrets to Keeping Cosy by Insulation Express […] Read More

3 OFFBEAT Investments to Consider

by Dr. Teresa Martin, Esq. When most people think of investing in real estate, homes, mini-malls, or apartment buildings may come to mind first. However, that’s only the tip of the real estate investment iceberg. Consider the following offbeat real estate investing opportunities. These investments can provide a significant return in the long run and may very well alter your financial future. RECREATIONAL VEHICLES […] Read More

19 Cents on the Dollar: Inside a Note Deal with Tony Martinez, President of Asset Ventures, LLC

By Isaac Newkirk III Notes provide multiple benefits for investors, the key is you can buy non-performing notes for pennies on the dollar.   In addition, Tony Martinez, president of Asset Ventures LLC, says notes offer many more options to create a positive return. “We want to make sure our investors are protected,” says the founder […] Read More

Funding for DOWN PAYMENT On Your Flips

– Please Review this Important Email from Our Sponsor – First, you locate a discounted property that you can profit on. Next, you go to the banks for funding but they won’t pay. You then find a private lender who will partner with you on the deal. BUT, you don’t have the cash on hand […] Read More

Atlanta Suburbs: RICH with RENTERS

By Kathy Fettke We’ve heard a lot about millennials pouring into to city centers as they chase after jobs, social connections, luxury apartments and condos, and the benefits of the sharing economy. But a new report shows that the biggest U.S. metros are experiencing a renter “boom” in the suburbs — and Rent- Cafe says […] Read More

The Tale of Two Turnkeys

By Tom Wilson Let  me  tell  you about  two  great real  estate  deals for the busy professional.  Both are single family homes that have been renovated and are offered  as  turnkey  rental  investments.  Investor  Special #1  is  priced  at  $100,000  and  rents  for $1,200—a 1.2% rent ratio. Investor Special #2 is priced at $100,000 and […] Read More

National Investors Unite in the Windy City for Realty411’s Conference/Expo

Realty411, the original realty investor magazine, is hosting a complimentary one-day conference in Chicago spotlighting strategies and trends for 2018 Asset protection, finance and leverage, plus investing on autopilot, are just some of the exciting highlights of Realty411‘s upcoming Creative Chicago Investor’s Expo being held May 19th, at the Hilton Suites, 10 Drury Ln, Oakbrook […] Read More

WEBINAR: Is a 6-figure recurring income possible with Vacation Rentals?

Please review this important webinar invitation from our sponsor. Dear Realty411 Reader; Watch this video and you’ll learn how Dave Bynum generated $322,000 in revenue in the past 6 months. Click Here to Watch David, discovered a system that enabled him to acquire 6 properties, 2 “super properties” and $322,000 in revenue in only 6 […] Read More

Don’t Miss this Bay-Area Event

Dr. Doug Duncan, the Chief Economist and Senior VP of Fannie Mae, will be giving his real estate economic forecast at Bay Area Commercial & Multifamily Fannie Mae is our nation’s largest government-sponsored enterprise and the world’s largest guarantor of real estate loans. Named one of Bloomberg / BusinessWeek’s 50 Most Powerful People in […] Read More

Goodbye Corporate America! Hello Financial Freedom!

By Isaac Newkirk III It was fourteen years ago that Missy McCall Hammonds found herself tiring of Corporate America. As she considered new employment opportunities, she set down a number of criteria: 1) the replacement of her corporate income, something she could succeed at, no gender limitations, and no limit on the amount of money […] Read More

Discover the All NEW BREIA / MD-REIA Mentorship Program

Learn about the only mentor program in the country that puts up 100% of the funds for every student’s deal! What are the 3 reasons why you should choose a local mentor? Real Estate investing has become one of the most popular ways to get out of the 9-to-5 lifestyle and become financially free. Have […] Read More

How to Become a Millionaire (Starting with Only $100K)!

By Kathy Fettke One of the greatest benefits of real estate investing is the ability to leverage through creative financing. The use of OPM (Other People’s Money) can increase our returns infinitely. Let’s compare the ROI (Return on Investment) on three different investment vehicles: gold, stocks and real estate. Here are some sample case studies […] Read More

The BIG Property GRAB!!

By Dave Lindahl   Three years from now you could be living in a water-front property, sleeping in on Monday mornings, doing only the things you want to do and excitedly walking to the mailbox everyday ready to gather that days set of cash flow checks the Postman dropped off . It’s those cash flow […] Read More