Meet Your Creative Financing Experts Rebecca Rice & Jim Beam

By Sandy Fox Our 5th Annual Los Angeles Real Estate Investors’ Expo will feature some remarkable experts. On that day, we will spotlight Rebecca Rice and Jim Beam, industry leaders in a little-known financial area. They’ve perfected a way to turn a unique and specific kind of life insurance policy into a reservoir of money […] Read More

The Self-Directed IRA Card that Changes DYNAMICS in Investing

Interview by Tim Houghten Ever wished self-direct-ed IRA investing was simpler for you and those you work with? Wished that all the net return and tax advantages of investing through an IRA where as easy to wield, and as comfortable as having cash in your pocket, swiping a card, or making online and mobile payments […] Read More

Safety FIRST When Showing REAL ESTATE

Safety at real estate showings and open houses has become a top priority in 2016. So just how critical has it become, and what are some of the most effective tactics for smart self-defense on the real estate field? Real Estate is DANGEROUS BUSINESS The threat to the personal safety of real estate agents, brokers […] Read More

The KEYS to Unlocking ELITE Success in Real Estate

Exclusive Interview by Tim Houghten The Founder of Rodeo Realty, the largest single-owner firm in the nation with 12 branch offices, 1,200 REALTORS ® , and annual sales and listings exceeding $5 billion, shares how he went from operating out of his garage to listing homes for $150 million. What does it take to achieve […] Read More

Will “Power” Duquette – Finding Your Path & Achieving Significance

by Tim Houghten Choose where you want to go and figure out how to get there. Sounds easy, right? International trainer, consultant, real estate investor and speaker Will Duquette empowers people to make as much as six figures an hour. So how did he land this prestigious gig? How does he help you unlock your […] Read More

From TOP Model to Top of the Real Estate World

Kaya Wittenburg, has gone from small Midwest town, to becoming a top fashion model working directly with Gianni and Donatella Versace, to leading U.S. and global developers in selling the most breathtaking condos in the world. Through beautification in real estate design, Kaya Wittenburg has risen to being involved in over $4B worth of real […] Read More

Single-Family Home Rentals are Dead? Discover the #1 Investment Opportunity FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS

By Gene Guarino, CFP Are single-family home (SFH) rentals dead? Well, that depends on who you are renting them to of course. How does $200-$300 a month in positive cash flow sound? When I was 20 years old, that was exciting. Today, that doesn’t get me very excited at all. Lets face it, one turn […] Read More

Welcome To Your MONEY PATCH

By Tim Houghten Money might not grow on trees, but funding portal Patch of Land may have invented the closest thing to it… Whether looking to grow your real estate investments with access to attractive capital, or boost your yields with passive income investments, this is one patch of the web worth checking out. Named […] Read More

The TOP FIVE Reasons to Consider COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE for Your Portfolio

By Tom K. Wilson While many investors see single-family homes as their “bread-and-butter” investment, investing in commercial properties is an option that can also help you achieve your financial goals. “Commercial” in its broadest lay vernacular includes multifamily apartments, however, the true industry definition separates multifamily properties (over five residential units) from true commercial, such […] Read More

Retire Wealthy with IRA Investing

By Stephanie B. Mojica Self-directed individual retirement accounts or IRAs are rapidly growing in popularity, but experts warn that it is important to only get into such an investment with proper education and professional guidance. Kaaren Hall, owner of uDirect IRA Services in Orange County, Calif., says even after more than two decades in the […] Read More


By Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq There are many different ways to borrow money. You can go to a bank for various types of loans. You may choose to use pawnshops or payday loans. Credit cards are another idea. You can even borrow money from friends or family. Another option is a line of credit. […] Read More

Attracting Private Money DISCLOSING RISK

An excerpt from “The Insider’s Guide to Attracting Private Money: Five Secrets to Fast, Unlimited Capital So You Can Save Money, Buy More Real Estate, & Build Wealth,” by Mark Hanf, President of Pacific Private Money. When you seek to attract capital from private investors, you need to disclose the risk involved in your proposed […] Read More

Changing Real Estate Investing HANDS FREE, ANYWHERE

By Stephanie B. Mojica The CEO of Southern California-based HomeUnion hopes to turn the business into the of real estate investing. Don Ganguly, an entrepreneur and chief executive with an impressive record of building successful businesses in the technology and financial services markets, stepped into his role as the chief executive behind HomeUnion this […] Read More

Bruce Norris and the Norris Group

By Bruce Kellogg Who is Bruce Norris? Bruce is a longtime real estate investor, builder, “hard money” lender, and real estate educator with over 35 years of experience. His history includes over 2,000 real estate transactions as buyer, seller, builder, or money lender. He was married at 17, and had two children by age 18. […] Read More

An Industry Leader Discusses His Deals

By Hannah Ash Larry Goins doesn’t know it all. “When it comes to real estate, the learning never stops,” he tell me. When one of the country’s leading investors pauses for a moment of self-reflection, it’s worth a listen. “You can learn something from everybody you meet,” he tells me. It’s one of the secrets […] Read More

Taking Title

By Garrett Sutton, Esq. Title to real estate sounds grand. As you think of titles let your mind wander back again to medieval England when titles such as Baron and Duke meant you were part of the nobility and peerage system. And not coincidentally, if you had such a title you also owned land. As […] Read More

Why do We Seek Security? (And how a Land Trust can help us find it)

By Randy Hughes, “Mr. Land Trust” We all want it, we all need it, and we all look for it in every aspect of our lives…security. We seek security in our relationships, in our personal lives and in our financial lives. But why? What is it about feeling “secure” that makes this emotion the base […] Read More

Finding Residential and Commercial OPTIONS in PROBATE REAL ESTATE

By Leon McKenzie, U.S. Probate Leads Whether you are new to the probate business or consider yourself an experienced professional, there are times when you need to take a step back and make sure that your business model isn’t missing a potentially profitable option. Probates, with their deeply discounted prices and motivated sellers, can provide […] Read More

Exploring The Changing LA Market With Baseball’s Brennan Boesch

When not coaching local kids on how to hit homeruns of their own, you’ll find former top rookie and Major League starter for the Detroit Tigers, and an MLB veteran with service logged for New York Yankees and Angels as well, Brennan Boesch is still giving back to others – and giving high profile buyers […] Read More

Turning DISTRESS Into SUCCESS in the Paper Business

By Tim Houghten Distress has a unique way of polishing success. Much like the abrasive grain of sand that results in the development of magnificent, beautiful pearls, the trials and tribulations of the mortgage industry are now revealing their silver lining. While the pain of foreclosures, an economy in rehab, and building a business in […] Read More