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Contributor Benefits

Created by Real Estate Investors for Real Estate Investors

We’re looking for new contributors for our exciting magazine, REI WEALTH MAGAZINE, which can be viewed on nearly all mobile devices with internet connection.

How to Submit Content

Please see our Contributor Rules HERE and fill in the application if interested in becoming a contributor to REI WEALTH MAGAZINE.

Or contact us at info@realty411.com or at contribute.reiwealthmag@gmail.com

You may also cc the publisher in the email at pliagas@msn.com

Due to the high volume of contributor applications, we will only be able to publish the best available content.

Benefits of Becoming a Contributor:

Exposure. Your article or video will be published and viewed alongside high quality content by other contributors, resulting in increased exposure to your company.

Back Issues Always Available. Unlike physical magazines, back issues never die and get thrown into the recycle bin. They are always readily available to readers, at the click of a button. This provides your company further exposure, even if your article or video was published five issues back.

BIO, BIO Photo & Primary Website Link. We publish a contributor’s BIO (not to exceed 100 words), BIO Photo and primary link to their website at the end of their article or video. High quality content should be submitted that is relevant to our real estate investing community. Content must not be a sales letter (disguised as an article) only serving to promote your company.

Cross-Promotion. REI Wealth Monthly will leverage the experience and promotional network of the Realty411 publishing team. Realty411.com is a print and online resource developed to assist investors in the acquisition, management and growth of their real estate portfolios. Realty411 is a print magazine reaching a database of 72,000 national investors online and in print.

Reach a world-wide audience. Magazines on Joomag are available on most mobile devices worldwide.

Possible Contributor Topics:

We are interested in articles or videos related to real estate investing. These include beginning through advanced real estate investing strategies and tips, how-to, instructional or educational type articles or videos, explanations of strategies and concepts and how to effectively implement them, etc. Topics of interest include:

  • Real Estate Investing Success Stories by new real estate investors
  • Flipping, Wholesaling, Lease Purchase, Lease Options, Rent to Own, Buy and Hold, Subject To Deals, Foreclosures, Short Sales, Real Estate Owned (REO), Probate Investing, Investing in Land, etc. We are interested in the whole spectrum of real estate investing from beginning through advanced strategies, tips, related topics, etc.
  • Marketing Your Properties, Lead Generation, Motivated Sellers; Real Estate Negotiating Techniques
  • Creative Real Estate Financing, Owner Financed, Seller Financing, Hard Money Lenders, Private Money Lenders, Discounted Notes
  • Latest News, Hot Markets, International Real Estate Investing. Tell us why you invest in a certain location.
  • Building your Power Team (Brokers/Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers, Title/Escrow Companies, Home Inspectors, Home Insurance Agents, Rehabbers, Property Managers, Attorneys, Accountants, etc.). What qualifications do you look for, how do you select an investor friendly service provider, what is the expected level of engagement or service, what forms are used, how often and what is the percentage of payments, etc.
  • Rehabbing Properties. Tell us about your experience. Tell us how you inspect properties to determine rehab costs before buying. What areas of a home you spend the most money to get the best bang for your buck? Provide articles or videos detailing your particular rehab, what types of rehabs are deal killers, etc.
  • Commercial Real Estate Investing. Beginning through advanced commercial real estate investing strategies, how to analyze a deal, etc.
  • Investor Friendly Real Estate Agents. Tell us about your market, how do you work with real estate investors, referrals or whether you have a local power team, do you work with wholesalers, etc.
  • Tax Strategies and Business Planning; Asset Protection; Self-Directed IRA Investing
  • Landlord, Rental Properties, Low Income Housing
  • Mobile Home Investing; Self-Storage Investing
  • Virtual Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Internet Marketing, Website Design, Outsourcing, Building Your Power Team, etc.

Photo or Image Format:

  • Article Photos/Images: We will assemble and find photos or images for your articles. We can also publish photos or images you provide, as long as these images are owned by you.
  • PNG, JPG or PDF; Images should be 300 dpi

Video Format:

  • Videos longer than 15 minutes may need to be broken into segments of approximately 10-15 minutes each.
  • If the video is already on YouTube or Vimeo, just provide us the URL. Additional options include:
 o (Preferred Option) Post on YouTube as Unlisted and we will link to it in the magazine
 o Provide to us an Original .MP4 1280 x 720in and we will host it on Amazon S3.
 o Provide us the video through a Dropbox link so we can either host it on Amazon S3.

Cover & Advertising.

To advertise or perhaps even be featured on the cover of REI Wealth, please contact us @ info@realty411.com or 805.693.1497