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Contributor Rules

Articles and Videos.

  • Articles must be original and written by you (e.g. no spun content or variation of a previously written article)
  • Articles must be written in English
  • Articles must use proper grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and be spell checked.
  • We prefer original articles written specifically for REI Wealth Monthly.
  • Articles written specifically for REI Wealth Monthly shall not be reproduced or republished on any other websites. You may reproduce or republish the article on your own website, starting three months after it is featured in the magazine issue.
  • We may publish articles or videos that you previously published only on your website, if they are still relevant in today’s market (e.g. evergreen). These articles or videos must not have been published on other websites.
  • You are responsible to ensure your sites we link to remain active and up to date.
  • Article length can vary from 500 to 2000 words, or more, depending on the quality of the content. Content should be communicated in a succinct manner. Fluff articles will not be published.
  • Articles shall not include any affiliate links.
  • If your article references a newspaper, magazine, blog, etc., you must properly attribute the source.
  • Articles or Videos should focus on real estate or topics related to real estate, and should not promote or advertise your product or service.
  • Videos should ideally be no more than 15 minutes in length. You can either send us the original file, or provide the necessary embed or link URL. Larger files can be sent zipped, or can be provided using services such as Dropbox or Google Drive – contact us for assistance.
  • We do not guarantee we will publish your article or video. We reserve the right to publish articles or videos based on our own criteria.
  • We reserve the right to reformat and edit contributed material, provided we do not change the meaning or intent of the article. Where substantial changes are required, we will request that content be amended and resubmitted.
  • We reserve the right to use our own photos or images in your article based on what we feel fits best visually within the magazine.
  • Articles or Videos must not contain content that breaks any United States or International laws (for foreign investments).
  • Articles or Videos shall not be libelous, defamatory, or infringe on the rights of others.
  • Articles or Videos must not contain foul language.
  • Articles or Videos shall not violate any copyright, patent trademark, or any legal rights of any person or entity, or right of privacy or publicity.
  • Contributor warrants that he/she has the authority to represent himself or company when entering into this agreement.
  • Contributor agrees to indemnify and hold Net Planet Media, LLC harmless for any and all claims, loss, liabilities and damages, resulting from any Contributor breach or misrepresentations, obligations, warranties and responsibilities contained in this agreement.  Contributor agrees that they will not receive any monetary compensation for any articles or videos provided.
  • Contributor licenses Net Planet Media, LLC to use and reproduce their content, images, photos, etc., at the discretion of Net Planet Media, LLC.

Photos or Images:

  • Photos or images, if included in your article, must be either owned by you or be public domain.
  • Photos, images, diagrams, etc., must be provided in .jpg or .png format.
  • For best results, photos or images should be as large as possible, which allows us the option to resize them as necessary.
  • We reserve the right to resize your photos or images.

Please see our Media Kit to find out additional benefits and how to advertise in the magazine.

We look forward to receiving your material. You can send us an email at  contribute.reiwealthmag@gmail.com.