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COVID1Stop Solution

By Leon McKenzie

A new solution is now available for those of you that want to have your Covid information at your fingertips.

Unlike the Airline Passport apps that are now appearing, this solution saves your Test/Vaccination information in your own ultra secure digital vault. Based on bank level security standards this solution prevents anyone other than you from accessing your information.

This approach solves the oft quoted concern of who has access to my data – YOU DO! Saving your information is as easy as taking a picture and retrieving it can be done with a single swipe. Want to show your Covid status – now it is so easy.

This app has been designed to be used by everyone – the App is FREE and there is but a nominal cost to add Test/Vaccination information. Want to manage your family’s information – simply use the Family option provided.

Take charge of your Covid information – always have it available.

About All Life Transitions, LLC is a nationally branded company providing services and solutions to individuals involved in a Life Transition. Our COVID1Stop solution allows you to record your Covid journey. Since the start of the pandemic, AllLT has been working to provide solutions that will help those impacted by the most significant Life Transition any of us will experience.

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