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Every Month | July 9, 2015

Please review this important post from our sponsor – thank you.

July 9, 2015, was the date the first funding request was facilitated at CiX.com

Since that day 4 years ago

CIX.com has helped to provide funding for tens of thousands of investors all around the country.

Tap here to apply in less than 2 minutes!

Every month more lenders are added, better relationships are built and the ball is pushed forward on funding for real estate investments.

The process is as simple as it could be:

Tell us about yourself and the deal
Apply in less than two minutes (No social security # needed)
National and local private money lenders compete to fund your investment

In 2019 no one should let funding get in the way of doing their next flip or rental!

From the folks who get deals funded,
The Whole Team at Connected Investors

PS: There is never been a better time to get funding for real estate deals. Tap below to get funding.


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