Give The Big Business Experience On A Small Business Budget

small budget businessStarting a business can be a daunting task in any economy, but in the current economy where corporations have become so large they are difficult to compete against, you need to be a little creative in order to keep up. You will need to leverage your resources accordingly to make the same good impression on a potential client that your competitors will.

The trend in start-ups these days is to minimize risk. While that has always been true to a degree, it is even more important in this new business age we find ourselves in. With the advances in technology, business transactions can now be measured in tenths of seconds. You have the same amount of time it takes to blink an eye to catch a potential client’s attention and keep it.

Do you have the resources to do this? If not the good news is that there have never been more services available to businesses that are built around helping you make a good impression without breaking the bank. Here are three suggestions of cost effective strategies for improving your client’s first impression.

small business1.) Maintain a professional and up to date website. Customers no longer find businesses by looking in the Yellow Pages. Customers find the services they need in seconds by completing a web search. Make sure you appear on those search results with a website that represents your company well because customers can click off of your website just as quickly as they clicked on it. It should have a professional appearance filled with relevant and engaging content. Hire a freelance writer if you need assistance creating content. has an informative article on how to hire a freelance writer.

small business2.) Dress the part. You don’t need a closet full of designer clothes to be prepared for the big meeting. Invest in a few high quality pieces of professional clothing in a style appropriate to your industry. Maybe go to an outlet store to find separates that can be paired together in a variety of ways. You are the living embodiment of your company. Make sure you represent it well.

3.) Look into the services of a furnished office. The spaces are rented as furnished and I don’t just mean with furniture. They also furnish equipment that would be prohibitively expensive to purchase. Administrative services, like receptionists and office managers are included. Your client’s first impression upon entering your office will be a professional staff and stylish waiting room. They also offer state of the art conference rooms so you will have a comfortable and quiet room to deliver your sales pitch in. Sites like are a fantastic place to begin your research on shared offices.

small budget businessThese are the three things that a client will see first. Each of them will make a lasting first impression on your client. Make sure that you have a website, office space, and a professional appearance that will knock your clients’ socks off. It will go a long way toward turning that potential client into a loyal customer.

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