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Interview With Marko Rubel

american dream

Marko, you have a true rags-to-riches story, can you tell us a bit about your journey from being a poor immigrant to living the American dream and how real estate made it happen?

When I came to America, I didn’t speak English and didn’t have much money, but I was so excited! I knew that in America it’s possible to make money if you work hard, which wasn’t the case where I came from. Over there in Croatia, you had to have connections and in fact you had to be born in the “right” family to have any chance. So Yes, I was very excited.

After a few years of learning the language, and going to a school, I finally got a decent job, but seven months later I lost my job due to downsizing.

Then, after working for Sony in San Diego for 11 months, I lost my job again due to downsizing.

This was the time I realized that no matter how great the company you work for may be, there’s no job security. I was disappointed, and very stressed out looking for another job… and during that time, out of desperation I purchased a real estate course called “No Money Down” while watching a late night infomercial. It was hard to comprehend the techniques, but as you know, that started the change and the rest is history. That was back in 1997, and a few years later I went full time in Real Estate and been having a blast ever since.

What type of real estate do you like best? Flipping, Buy and Hold, Wholesaling??

I consider my “Unlimited Funding” model to be the ultimate model. Sure I’m biased, but it is the only model that gives you the profit now, the cash flow, the benefit from loan paydown and appreciation, plus the tax savings… without dealing with tenants. I only flip properties that come my way and don’t fit that criteria.

Tell us about your Unlimited Funding Program, what is it?

unlimited funding program

I had no money when I started, and my credit was non-existent, so I had to come up with a method to profit without it. I was smart enough to quickly realize that flipping houses would never give me the passive income I was after. There was no leverage, no cash flow, no appreciation benefit, plus the small profits realized by flipping are highly taxed. I knew I had to own properties to create real wealth. That’s how I perfected the strategies that today I call “Unlimited Funding”. It made me a millionaire, so I consider it the BEST way to invest in real estate.

Why do you say that most real estate “gurus” only talk BS?

magic pill vs unlimited funding programThere’s no business on this planet that brings you easy success, but “gurus” make it seem like all you have to do is buy their “magic pill secret” and success will be really easy. That is B.S. Most gurus are just information sellers and are not doing the business. They hate me for saying this, but it’s the truth.

Can you explain the 2 X 2 of real estate investing?

There are 2 ways to approach real estate investing – the “conventional (1)” way, where you buy rentals using your own credit and hassle with it for years; and then there’s the “creative (2)” way where you use creative techniques like “subject to”, options and lease options, seller financing, etc. to create wealth a lot faster. The “creative” investing has 2 different approaches as well. One is “fixing houses” and the other one is “fixing paper” by creating favorable financing for buyers who can’t qualify. The latter is easier and a lot more profitable!

Marko, what is the greatest real estate lesson you have learned so far?

The one I always tell the new real estate investors – the best strategy to invest in real estate is not the one that “a guru” told you about… but rather the one that has potential to give you all five leverage benefits of real estate. That is the strategy and business model that provides not only the profit based on difference in buy vs. sell price; but also the cash flow; the equity build-up due to loan paydown; the equity build-up due to appreciation; and the tax shelter due to depreciation (IRS 167).

Do you have any investment regrets? If so what are they?

I think I wasted a few first years trying to wholesale and then later trying to fix & flip houses. That’s the least profitable way.

What advice would you give to new investors?

For new investors – success doesn’t come over night, so be ready to put in some work. You will not regret it!

unlimited funding programWhat advice would you give to more advanced investors?

For more advanced investors I suggest asking yourself this “Is your income going to continue if you stop doing what you’re doing? If not, then change your strategy!”

Are there any areas you are having your eye on right now?

I don’t believe in investing out of state. It’s too many hassles and hard to control the overhead. I believe that with the proper strategy, everyone has a diamond in their back yard. So, my focus is my back yard…San Diego, Phoenix and a few other areas through my partners.

What is the best and worst part of being an investor?

I think the worst is the start…it takes accepting the fact that you will get a lot of “No’s” before you get a “Yes”.

The best part of being an investor is that once you get it going, it’s the BEST business there is…it does not take too many hours to create huge income.

Give us your Famous Last Words….

The Time to Invest is NOW! Get in and start hard! Sure, the better time was two years ago, but this is still a good time, so don’t look for excuses!

Marko Rubel

marko rubelAfter making millions for himself, Marko Rubel has dedicated his life to helping ordinary people achieve wealth through Real Estate investing. Through his active business, he has identified the simple strategies to create massive profit that can be immediately applied to improve your business and the quality of your life. You are invited to take the first step right now.


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