By Paul Finck, The Maverick Millionaire

Double Your Income!

“Same old, same old” WILL get you the SAME results you have been getting for the last month, quarter, year, decade, and for some of you, your whole life!

You must Do It Different™ to get different results in your life. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about your personal life or your business life; your real estate investing or your dating style.

WHEN you take different ACTIONS, you will get different RESULTS. WHEN you take MASSIVELY different action… you will get MASSIVELY different results!

From my more than 30 years as an entrepreneur, 15 years as a real estate investor, and over 10 years as a successful business consultant and coach to entrepreneurs all over the country, let me share with you the keys to creating your abundant future. Here are the top six keys to abundant success via the Maverick Difference ( and how to double your income.

1 – CHALLENGE YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS – We all have that comfort zone we live in, and within. Some of us have larger ones than others.

I remember when I graduated from college, my ultimate vision — way beyond where I thought I could achieve — was to make $100,000. That was my vision of what success looked like.

So for years, that is what I earned. My thermostat was SET at $100,000. When I was on track to earn $80K, I would work a bit harder.

When I was on track to earn $120K, I would relax a bit — always to land around $100K, year after year. Then I hired a coach, and he helped me change my thermostat. He helped me change my BELIEF. I began to think of myself as a million dollar producer!

That one change internally, changed my external results overnight. It does something to your psyche. I began to believe it was possible — then I began to act as if — then others saw my confidence and started to believe also. New opportunities came my way. New partnerships emerged. And my income grew. You want to change your income… Change your thermostat!

2 – STEP AWAY FROM YOUR ROUTINE – Change up what you have been doing — the more the better. That’s right — I am telling you to be a MAVERICK, and mix it up a bit.

Reach out to someone daily you have not spoken to in six months or more. If you are in constant activity mode, slow it down and do meditation and journaling.

Eat lunch at a new place every day for the next month. Take a new way to work every day for the next month.

These activities will get you seeing things in a new way; thinking about things in a new way. Your creativity will increase. You will end up stretching your problem-solving abilities and find new solutions to current challenges where you never would have thought otherwise.

3 – DON’T THINK – DO! – Take action long before you believe you are ready. When you hear about “Hero’s” who step in front of a car to save someone’s life, risk being hit by a train to pull someone free of the tracks, run into a burning building because they heard a voice crying for help… do you believe they stopped and considered all the possible outcomes of their actions?

Do you believe they weighed out if it was a good idea or not? NO! They jumped in and took action! No thinking. No due diligence time. When interviewed about regret, people absolutely regret things that they have done in the last week or month.

However, the overwhelming majority regret things they have NOT DONE when reflected over a life time. The challenge is you do not see the real opportunities in life when you are faced with the choice to say, “YES”. You “feel” the risk, and your instinct is to flee to protect yourself.

True Maverick’s have learned to ignore the fear, and do it anyway! You want to be a HERO in your life, take more action.

4 – FAIL OFTEN – MAKE SURE OF IT! – This is the obvious follow-up to number three. When you take massive action, chances are you will not always be right. You will fail! Be okay with that. Better yet, embrace failure. It is the FEAR of failure that keeps most people stopped and stuck in life. It is what holds you back from living life to its fullest. Every success story includes failure and most often massive failure. You most likely will not receive the abundance you are looking for without it. AND the avoidance of failure will always leave you with less than. Go ahead and fail yourself to massive success.

5 – LASTLY, BE WILLING TO BE WRONG! – Paul, wait, you promised me six lessons. Yes, I know and I made a mistake to stress the importance of lesson number five.

Be willing to be wrong and then step up and admit it.

I have observed through my own experiences and coaching thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, everyone makes mistakes, everyone does something wrong every so often. Doing the wrong thing is NOT what causes the majority of the challenges in our life. It is the covering up and the avoidance of stepping up to admit the wrong that causes most of the heartache.

Be willing to be wrong. Admit you’re wrong. Move on with living life to its fullest. 

As an international speaker, trainer, business consultant, and coach to entrepreneurs and real estate investors all over the world, it is these KEYS that have made the real difference in my life. These Keys are just some of the pieces to living life the Maverick Way to create The Maverick Difference in your life.

When you like this and are looking for more, please go to for a free book of additional keys to ensure your journey is a successful one.

Written by Paul Finck, The Maverick Millionaire ®. Paul coaches real estate investors on how to double their results. Get connected to Paul at:

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