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Realty411’s 2021 VIRTUAL Investor Expo – Learn REI Lessons Online with Experts

Realty411’s 2021 Virtual Investor Conference will be held the weekend of January 23rd and January 24th, beginning at 9 AM PST.

Hundreds of Investors Register for Realty411’s First Virtual Expo of 2021

It’s time to learn time-tested tips and techniques for financial success. This knowledge is normally passed down in only the wealthiest of families or to top-level real estate executives.

Ladies Who Rock Real Estate Virtual Conference to Be February 27 – All Invited

A wide range of topics will be discussed, including: private capital and leverage, how to use real estate data to procure deals, as well as creative lease-options to secure single-residential homes.

BREAKING: Exclusive Feature, Plus VIRTUAL Conference Giveaway

In this exclusive article, we have a former cop turned real-estate mogul and Rich Dad’s ® founder, Robert Kiyosaki, on the front cover of our upcoming Realty411 issue.

Ladies Who Rock Real Estate ONLINE EVENT – All Invited!

We are celebrating our amazing social media real estate investing group with a NEW VIRTUAL EVENT spotlighting some of the most amazing women in the REI industry.

Download Our Expo Agenda – Realty411’s “Give Thanks, Give Back” Investor Expo is this Weekend. Register Here.

A SPECIAL ALERT FROM REALTY411 We invite our readers and followers to attend a special Virtual Investor Weekend Expo, this Saturday, Nov. 21 and Sunday, Nov. 22. Beginning at 9 AM PST, our experienced educators will reveal all their winning strategies for REI success. Imagine learning from investors who have been active in the industry […] Read More

Ladies Who Rock Real Estate ONLINE EVENT – All Invited!

A VIRTUAL ONE-DAY CONFERENCE SPOTLIGHTING WOMEN IN OUR INDUSTRY! Admin Post: Attention, we are celebrating our amazing group with a NEW VIRTUAL EVENT spotlighting some of the most amazing women in the real estate investing industry. We invite you, your team, and friends to join us. This co-educational event is created to help positively change […] Read More

Cover Feature: Meet Brandon Cobb from Nashville’s The House Buying Guys!

COVER FEATURE: Win a Competitive & Evolving Market! Insider Tips by Brandon Cobb, The House Buyin Guys.

BONUS FOR EXPO GUESTS: Special VIP Tickets to Robert Kiyosaki’s WEALTH MASTERY Event — RSVP NOW

ADMIN ALERT: Special REI Wealth & Realty411 Virtual Expo Bonus! Join our NEXT LIVE investor’ expo – learn in the comfort of your home! This is the PLACE TO BE to learn about real estate investing from the “Best in the Business.” Realty411’s next scheduled online event, a “Give Thanks, Give Back” Investor’ Expo with […] Read More

NEW WEBINAR: Bulletproof Retirement with Real Estate

Webinar on Thursday, 9/24 at 6:30pm PST Rentals 2 Retirement: Bulletproofing your retirement with real estate   Join us for this informative webinar where we will show you how to build a safe, secure and predictable stream of income/retirement through conservative real estate investing. As the CoronaVirus works its way through our communities there are […] Read More

Two Dynamic Educators Added to Realty411’s Upcoming FREE VIRTUAL Expo – Register Now!

Technology provides sophisticated investors with the edge needed to attract and secure more real estate deals. With this in mind, Realty411 is excited to announce Real Estate IQ as a featured educator at the upcoming Fall Virtual Investor Expo on Saturday, September 12th and Sunday, September 13th. Starting at 9 am PST, Realty411 will host […] Read More

CA Rehabs and ADUs are hotter than ever, EVEN in a pandemic

Dear Realty411 Reader; This year has been like something we’ve never seen, like a clip right out of “The Twilight Zone.” We’re not even sure Stephen King could have made this story up, but here we are in the midst of a pandemic — and the crazy thing is, buying and selling houses is still […] Read More

Realty411’s Fall Virtual Expo Explodes with RVSPs — September Weekend Event Set to Attract Record-Number of Investors Online

Reporters are taught in journalism school to always be prepared and quickly adapt to an ever-changing environment. When COVID-19 disrupted Realty411‘s four scheduled in-person expos across the country, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in lost marketing dollars and revenue, the California-based office scrambled to rapidly adjust to a new era of networking. Now, […] Read More

RSVP for Realty411’s Fall Expo: Virtual, Live + Interactive

TO REGISTER DIRECTLY, PLEASE VISIT: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_kLJaA7vOS5OjXxYxuCPWyQ Realty411’s Fall VIRTUAL Investor Expo Spotlights NEW SPEAKERS – Join Hundreds LIVE to Learn from Leaders Back by popular demand, Realty411 is hosting their Fall Virtual Weekend Investor Expo on Saturday, September 12th and Sunday, September 13th. The complementary weekend online event features non-stop learning with some of the […] Read More

How to 10x your cash buyers Holiday Webinar with an Explosive Offer!!

Learn how REIBLADE’s innovative real estate investor marketing tools can turn your data and doors into greater profit! Thursday July 2, 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern RSVP NOW: https://reiblade.mykajabi.com/rei-blade-webinar-page-070220?cid=ea307316-77fd-4e30-b25e-d85036ab5d76 Why REIBLADE.com? REIBLADE solves many headaches real estate investors face and provides a number of unique tools that can dramatically accelerate business growth. Emily from Arizona […] Read More

Realty411 Announces 3rd Virtual Investor Weekend Expo on July 25th and 26th

Santa Barbara, Calif., — Realty411, publisher of the nation’s most popular real estate investor magazines, recently wrapped up their second virtual expo and set a date for their third online REI event. Realty411’s 3rd Virtual Investor Weekend Expo will take place in the comfort of your own home, on Saturday, July 25th and Sunday, July […] Read More

Smart Investing Calls For A Hybrid Approach

By Fuquan Bilal Intelligent investing requires a hybrid approach to putting your capital to work. You’ve got to be strategic if you want to invest successfully. In order to achieve consistent returns, keep risk low, and keep the maximum upside potential, investors have to be diversified. They need a hybrid financial plan that will deliver […] Read More

Could the Corona Virus provide the next Boon for Private Mortgage Lending?

By Edward Brown The Corona Virus had all but shut down conventional lending in late March 2020 and most of April 2020. Although it now appears that many banks have loosened up, they are far behind in applications due to the shelter in place restrictions and lack of certainty in the market. This situation may […] Read More

Webinar: COVID-19 Expert Housing Forecast – RSVP Now.

LIVE ONLINE SUMMIT BY TIM HERRIAGE Hello Savvy Investors; I’m beginning to get really excited about the live webinar we’ll be having with some of the smartest people I know in the real estate industry. Be sure to set aside time on Wednesday night at 5:00 as you’ll want to be dialed in to hear […] Read More

Rentals 2 Retirement: Bulletproofing your retirement with real estate

SPECIAL SPONSORED POST Webinar on Wednesday, 4/29 at 6pm PST Rentals 2 Retirement Bulletproofing Your Retirement with Real Estate Join us for this informative webinar where we will show you how to build a safe, secure and predictable stream of income/retirement through conservative real estate investing. As the CoronaVirus works its way through our communities […] Read More


There is a Big Benefit to using TBE as a method of holding a title.

Is a Land Trust Legal?

Just about every week I get a call or email from a student (or prospective student) asking me if it is LEGAL to form a Land Trust in their state? Oftentimes they have been told by their attorney, accountant, or title company that the use of a Land Trust in their state is ILLEGAL!

Successful Turnkey Real Estate Investing

The other approach an investor can take is to select a high-quality turnkey provider and invest with their help. Norada Real Estate Investments is one of the longest-running nationwide providers with a great industry reputation.

Situs and Out-of-State Land Trusts

Why do I recommend to my students that they think about situs and out-of-state Land Trusts? In my Land Trusts Made Simple® home study course, I discuss the advantages of using an out-of-state trust to hold the title to the property in your state.

Find Equity, Build Wealth

Fasten your seat belt as we prepare for drastic changes in government policy and economic trends, as well as global and local social shifts.

Her story: 35 properties with no money down

What better way to get your year going by attending a FREE TRAINING hosted by Sadhana Sabharwal, “Single Mom Millionaire!” taking place this Thursday, January 21, 2021, from 7 – 9 pm EST.

WEBINAR: Financial Freedom with Real Estate

Since 2008 Invest 1 Properties has been one of the nation’s leading turn-key investment property providers. Focusing on Dynamic Mid-West markets with over 900 properties sold, we have the systems in place to assure your success.

New Construction Loans are Back.

Did you hear the great news? New Construction loan financing has returned at Finance of America Commercial! Our representatives are standing by and ready to offer quotes for your next construction project!

Why Should You Invest in Senior Living? Discover Now.

Aging demographics have created five unique investment opportunities for Americans, one of which is senior housing. With the increased demand for housing created by aging demographics, the U.S. senior housing industry is prepped for a future of unprecedented growth.

Tips for Faster Debt Payoff With Your Whole-Life Policy

Taking control of your finances (especially with debt payoff) starts with giving your money a plan, or a budget, rather than wondering what happened to all of it.

Land Trust Record Keeping

All you need to create a Land Trust is two documents. A Deed to Trustee and a Trust Agreement. The heart of a Land Trust is the Trust Agreement (TA). So, what do you do when you can t find your TA?

Solo 401k and Tenants in Common Transaction

Under tenants in Common (TIC), the Solo 401k and the Solo 401k owner can co-invest when purchasing real estate. Therefore, each party’s ownership percentage in the property must be separately reflected on the recorded deed.

Women in Real Estate — Build the Lifestyle of Your Dreams with Real Estate Investing

Often when I talk to women interested in real estate investing, the barrier they struggle with most is the confidence to take the first steps. Men historical dominate the real estate investing industry, which makes trusting your abilities as a female investor even more intimidating. However, with these keys to success and the support of other successful female investors you too can create a prosperous business.

An Investor’s Guide to Investing Retirement Funds in Real Estate

With a non-recourse loan the only recourse the bank has is the property and the rental revenue that the property generates. The bank cannot even go after the retirement account’s other funds or assets. Hence, this is a protective measure for the investor.

Is REIT a Good Option for Earning Passive Income?

When you are thinking about passive earning, REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is a good way to earn passive income and you can trust it.

Trust Deeds: The Investment You May Be Missing

As an investor, having many different investment opportunities at your fingertips is both a blessing and a curse. It means more opportunities to make money but can make choosing which one to pursue tedious and difficult. With the stock market so often erratic and unpredictable, now more than ever people are looking for other ways to intelligently invest their money and diversify their investment portfolio. Real estate is one of those investment vehicles that investors are turning to for those high returns. You may be thinking to yourself that real estate is not a realistic investment for you. Rental properties and fix-and-flips are time intensive and require a hefty amount of available cash, and many real estate “crowdfunders” have high minimums and financial requirements you have to meet to invest with them. If this is you, then you may want to consider investing in Trust Deeds. Investing in Trust Deeds with a company like Ignite Funding can help you break down those barriers to real estate investing, and help you earn the returns you deserve.

Sell More Real Estate to Your Clients: Tell Them to Use Their IRA Funds!

Self-directed real estate IRAs have been in existence for over thirty-five years. These are the same IRA s everyone is familiar with but with a small and important twist: These plans have an investment discretion section permitting investments in real estate, notes, trust deeds, leveraged property and much more.