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Future Proofing Your Money In Uncertain Times

By Fuquan Bilal Do you know where the markets are headed now? How can you future proof your money, even if you aren’t sure? Where is the World Headed? The beginning of 2016 seemed to spur an extended run in real estate and the economy. Then in 2018 it seemed that the stock market and […] Read More


By Glenn Mananeng To some landlords, owning a rental property is not only an investment, but it can also be their sole source of income to feed their own family. There can be times where being a landlord can be too much especially when dealing with problematic tenants. A common problem that owners have to […] Read More

What Is A Real Estate Syndication?

By Fuquan Bilal Real estate syndications are a term that is trending again. What are they? Among the real estate investment opportunities on the landscape today are real estate syndications. How do they work? What are the advantages of syndicated real estate deals? How are they different from other investment strategies, and who are they […] Read More


By Glenn Mananeng It’s important that when buying a potential investment property, there are no legal issues that may arise after it is purchased. With that in mind, properties with a clear title is very important. Unique Wealth Education is here to let you know the ins and outs of a title search. Who does […] Read More

Turmoil: The Storm Of Change & How To Thrive In It

If you’re in real estate you’ve probably smelled the storm just over the horizon. The question is where it will hit, when it will hit, and just how bad it will be? More importantly, how can your business and portfolio not only survive in the eye of this storm, but thrive? Meet Bruce Norris You […] Read More

Uber of Self Storage

By Anita Cooper “A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” – George Carlin If you want to build wealth through investing it’s important not to become myopic when thinking about what you’ll invest in. As a seasoned real estate investor, developer, and property investment […] Read More


By Glenn Mananeng This is a question on the mind of investors. There is no definite answer for this. This topic is always up to debate no matter how you look at it, as wealth is measured differently by every individual. Here are a few factors you need to know when building wealth – allow […] Read More

Besides the Purchase Price, There Are Other Costs You Must Consider

By Lloyd Segal When flipping properties, you also need to consider repair costs, holding costs, real estate commissions, closing costs, estimated profit, and lost opportunity costs.   Let’s analyze each of these costs separately.                              Repair costs.  The repair costs will likely be your largest cost, so you need to calculate them carefully.  If you’re able to […] Read More

What’s Triggering Non-Performing Mortgage Loans In 2020

By Fuquan Bilal Deals on non-performing mortgage loans are in high demand. So, with the economy and housing market reportedly so strong, what might trigger mortgage defaults, and give note investors more assets to buy? Being alert to these causes of default can give you the edge to see where things are headed, be able […] Read More

Virginia Land Trusts

By Randy Hughes, Mr. Land Trust Our modern world is fraught with dangers and potential liabilities for the real estate investor who just wants to work hard and build an estate for his/her family. Learning how to conceal assets and appear poor should be the goal of all hard-working entrepreneurs. America’s legal system has run […] Read More

How To Get Back Your Passion For Real Estate

By Fuquan Bilal PublicCo/Pixabay Want to feel that real passion for real estate investing again? Whether you got stuck spinning your wheels before you really got started, have taken an extended break or are just going through the motions now that the money is coming in too easily, it’s important to keep your passion on […] Read More

How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Hiring A Bad Contractor

By Gary Massari  One of the biggest pitfalls you can make is to hire a contractor without a check-off list.  If you fail to interview, prescreen, and check the contractor’s references, or set up the proper working relationship through the six critical documents needed to protect you and your investors when rehabbing, you could be […] Read More


By Glenn Mananeng Real estate investing is a great way to build wealth. This is an opportunity to invest your savings while working, studying or just enjoying life with family and friends as a passive investor and spending minimal or spending more time on projects as an active investor. This surely is a big decision; […] Read More

Why Choose Probate Investing?

By Sharon Vornholt Probates have been my #1 source of leads for more than a decade.  I love working with probates, however that’s not true for all investors.  The reason this niche is so good is because you will never run out of leads, and the heirs almost always need to sell the property.  It’s […] Read More

How Much Of A Threat Are Zillow & The New iBuyers?

By Fuquan Bilal A new breed of iBuyers have their sites on transforming and taking over the real estate industry. How much of a threat are they really? Hundreds of millions of dollars are being thrown into this new real estate strategy, and some of the most powerful companies are behind it. Should smaller real […] Read More

Generational Opportunities For Creating Cash & Wealth In Real Estate

Featuring Gerry Guterman  The real estate market cycle appears to have come full circle again. This is one of those moments in which many will go broke, while others achieve substantial leaps in their wealth and incomes. It’s all about knowing how to take advantage of the market and the negligent moves of others. While […] Read More

Where The Mortgage Notes Are Now

By Fuquan Bilal Where are the mortgage notes for investors now? The last few years saw some compression of yields and increased challenges in finding profitable notes and attractive returns for investors. There are deals out there, and there could be many more coming up, if you know where to look. Biggest Multifamily Servicers Multifamily […] Read More


By Glenn Mananeng All tenants have rights to housing and those with disabilities are no exception, additionally, those with disabilities have unique rights under state and federal law. We often hear about people being evicted from the rental property and many of these people are people with disabilities who cannot afford rent or fall behind […] Read More

Can You Micro Flip Mortgage Notes?

By Fuquan Bilal There’s a lot of talk about micro-flipping real estate out there. But can you micro-flip mortgage notes? The Micro-Flipping Craze If you’ve Googled anything to do with real estate lately, you’ve probably been inundated with ads for micro-flipping. Almost every podcast, email and social post out there is talking about the same […] Read More

Allowing a Lender to Cross Collateralize Against Additional Property

By Edward Brown There are times when a lender is going to ask for additional [real estate] collateral in order to make a borrower a loan. The most likely scenario for this is when there is not enough equity in the target property. Other scenarios include a borrower with less than stellar credit, or the […] Read More