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Economic Update – June 2021

The one place that’s rip-roaring in our economy is the housing market.

VIDEO: Realty411 Investor Summit – Learn REI at Home, Experts Spill their Secrets!

Get ready for hours of exciting, solid real estate investing education! Realty411 magazine once again united some of the most successful, knowledgeable and savvy investors in the REI (Real Estate Investing) industry to educate our readers.

The Return of “Los Angeles Real Estate Grand Expo”

We are proud and excited to annnounce the return of the Los Angeles Real Estate Grand Expo. Our Grand Expo returns on Sunday, October 31, 2021 (Halloween day), 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, at the spectacularly beautiful Skirball Cultural Center.

Realty411 Radio: Learn How to Properly Insure Your Real Estate Portfolio

As real estate investors, we all know the importance of insuring our investment properties. However, would getting just any insurance policy be sufficient to protect our investments? The short answer is, no.

Honoring Active Military By Providing Solid Housing to Soldiers

Uncle Sam needs YOU to house America’s military.

Realty411’s Las Vegas Real Estate Investor’ Summit – Network Here

Don’t Miss this ONE DAY OF Insight and Strategies – Learn from TOP Leaders in REI, Local & National Experts.

Creating a Lasting Legacy Plan for Your Loved Ones

The moment that will define your family’s life 100 years from now starts TODAY… Get started on a plan for generational success.

Realty411’s Real Estate Investor Summit – Learn to Invest LIVE in Irvine

Celebrate Real Estate Investing in a Post-Pandemic World with REALTY411

Two New Issues Provide Over 240 Pages of Top Resources for Savvy Investors

Realty411, the only California-based real estate investment magazine serving the needs of personal investors around the nation, released two new issues totaling over 240 pages of top resources.

Learn from the Ladies Who ROCK Real Estate — RSVP Here for an Amazing Day!

It’s time to learn real estate investing from the Ladies who Rock Real Estate! During this virtual event, a wide range of investment topics will be discussed to help our readers gain even greater expertise. Don’t miss this amazing day online!

Realty411’s Virtual Investor Event – Connect with Experts Live Here

On this impactful weekend, Realty411 will unite the most successful, knowledgeable, and savvy investors in the REI (Real Estate Investing) industry to help our readers make educated decisions for 2021 and beyond.

California’s Gold Rush for Valuable Land

California’s nickname is the “Golden State” for many reasons as it relates to the gold discovered at Sutter’s Mill by James Marshall near the city of Coloma in 1848, skyrocketing real estate prices, a Top 5 global economy ranking, and consistent warm sunshine.

Hard Money Loans & Why You Should Work with a Hard Money Lender

Working with a Hard Money Lender will allow you to have your loan approved in half the time a traditional bank loan takes, giving you the opportunity to quickly purchase high in demand properties.

RealCap Brings New Real Estate Sector To Crowdfunding

Blending trends in real estate crowdfunding and the need for sustainable cash flowing properties RealCap offers investors a new opportunity for putting their capital to work.

NEW Network of Private Lenders

We always use a site called PrivateLenders.com and non-bank lenders will pitch us on the best terms and conditions for our flips and rentals.

Free Training: How to Overcome Low Inventory and Buy More Properties Now

We’ve partnered with Landvoice to provide you with a FREE TRAINING on May 15th at 1:00 PM. This is a virtual discussion on How to Overcome Low Inventory and Buy More Properties Now.

Join Us for Realty411’s New Virtual Event This Weekend. Learn More About This Special FREE Online Event.

Realty411’s VIRTUAL Conference will also provide funding resources for our readers to gain access to private capital for their deals across the country. This is the place to learn from real-life, full-time house flippers (plus the agents/brokers who assist them). We will be learning from professionals who are working million-dollar real estate deals, year after year.

Idaho Real Estate

According to The Wall Street Journal (and other news reports), people are literally flocking to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Investor Weekend Virtual Event Agenda – Download It Now

Top Industry Leaders GO LIVE the weekend of May 15th and May 16th for Realty411’s NEW Virtual Event. Download our agenda.

A Successful Hard Money Loan Depends on These 4 Things

When there’s a money-making real estate opportunity in front of you and you need some additional funds to make it happen, a hard money lender is the best place to turn.