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We Snagged The Nation’s TOP Lease Option Educator

Dear Serious Real Estate Investor; As the market changes from a SELLERS’ market to a BUYERS’ market, there are a few strategies that are going to CRUSH it. The easiest and fastest one to implement? LEASE OPTIONS. This is where John Jackson comes in. In case you are not familiar with who John Jackson is, […] Read More

How to 10x your cash buyers Holiday Webinar with an Explosive Offer!!

Learn how REIBLADE’s innovative real estate investor marketing tools can turn your data and doors into greater profit! Thursday July 2, 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern RSVP NOW: https://reiblade.mykajabi.com/rei-blade-webinar-page-070220?cid=ea307316-77fd-4e30-b25e-d85036ab5d76 Why REIBLADE.com? REIBLADE solves many headaches real estate investors face and provides a number of unique tools that can dramatically accelerate business growth. Emily from Arizona […] Read More

The Basics of Bankruptcy

By Fuquan Bilal In the note business, understanding how bankruptcy works is a must. The process usually lasts about five years, sometimes three years. Once the homeowners are in bankruptcy, they will be making regular payments. The moment the homeowners file for bankruptcy the court will see how far they are in arrears (missed back […] Read More

Sales Process – Best Practices

By Dan Harkey Do you ever think that for some reason you are not getting the results you want in your sales career? Do you have feelings that you try, but it is just not working? Maybe you need a minor tune-up, or perhaps a major overhaul. Let us review the sales process: Some people […] Read More

What Makes A Great House Flip?

By Fuquan Bilal What makes a good house flip stand out from the rest? The latest house flipping data shows returns are strong, but a lot of investors are getting it wrong. The average gross returns on a flip stand at around $60,000, or 50%. However, there are also a significant number of failed flips, […] Read More

Premiums: How Much and For How Long

By Gabby Darroch Let’s talk about premiums, because, let’s face it, no one likes to pay them. But what if you began to look at them like deposits instead of payments? With The Money Multiplier Method, that’s really what they are. How much does my premium (or deposit) have to be? You are incomplete control […] Read More

How To Maximize Investing For Retirement

By Fuquan Bilal Check out these tools for fast tracking your retirement investing, and kicking taxes to the curb… Individual investors have many legal tools at their disposal. These tools and investment vehicles can be used to reduce taxes, speed up wealth building, boost passive income generation, and reduce risk. Yet, many are not using […] Read More

The (Bad) Spend Trend

By Gabby Darroch Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” And when someone with a brain that powerful and with knowledge that brilliant tells me to pay attention, guess what I’m going to do–pay attention! What he’s […] Read More

How Tough Should We Be On Renters?

By Fuquan Bilal Having tenants poses a challenge for real estate investors, as we often question ourselves – Just how tough should we be on them?? We are regularly left wondering – when do we deny them or cut them a break? How do we balance occupancy with risk? What about our responsibilities to the […] Read More

Mortgage Defaults

By Stephanie Mojica With an unprecedented national and global economic crisis, real estate industry experts have varying opinions on how the situation will affect mortgage defaults.   “The pandemic-induced closure of non-essential businesses caused the April unemployment rate to spike to its highest level in 80 years and will lead to a rise in delinquency […] Read More

Realty411 Announces 3rd Virtual Investor Weekend Expo on July 25th and 26th

Santa Barbara, Calif., — Realty411, publisher of the nation’s most popular real estate investor magazines, recently wrapped up their second virtual expo and set a date for their third online REI event. Realty411’s 3rd Virtual Investor Weekend Expo will take place in the comfort of your own home, on Saturday, July 25th and Sunday, July […] Read More

Smart Investing Calls For A Hybrid Approach

By Fuquan Bilal Intelligent investing requires a hybrid approach to putting your capital to work. You’ve got to be strategic if you want to invest successfully. In order to achieve consistent returns, keep risk low, and keep the maximum upside potential, investors have to be diversified. They need a hybrid financial plan that will deliver […] Read More

Differences Between a Policy Loan and Withdrawal

By Gabby Darroch I know many people have had the concern when it comes to taking a loan from their policy. Typically, loans have a bad connotation. But that is because taking a loan from your neighborhood bank ends up losing you money. Taking a loan from your policy, however, ends up doing the exact […] Read More

Family Wealth: 5 Vital Steps For Ensuring Your Succession Plans

By Fuquan Bilal One of the most pressing concerns, and what keeps us up at night more than anything else is taking care of our loved ones. We can work hard, save money, and spoil our kids while we are around, but that may not be able to really see our biggest wishes for them […] Read More

Your HELOC can fund your policy

By Gabby Darroch Did you know your Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) can actually fund your policy? Yes! It’s possible! It is not often that our customers use their HELOC to fund their first policy, simply because they didn’t know it was possible. But watch as I explain below how it, in fact, is! […] Read More

The Influence of Age and Longevity on Residential Assisted Living

By Gene Guarino As we age, health and longevity become a prevalent topic. People want to know how to increase their longevity. They want to live longer and live better. How well you age, and your longevity is a projection of your health. There are some genetic factors to consider when talking about your health, […] Read More

4 Reasons You Should Always Repay Your Loans

By Gabby Darroch If you’ve been with me for a while, you know you are not required to repay your policy loans. And if you’ve ever wondered, “If I don’t have to repay my loans, why should I?” let’s set the record straight. The Caveat In the initial stages of using your policy it’s important […] Read More

VA and FHA Mortgages & the Housing Boom (Part 2)

Military Experience Eligibility for VA Loans How does a retired or active military personnel member qualify for a VA loan based upon their military experience? * An earlier discharge date for a service-connected disability may still qualify you. ** Officers who separated from service after 10/16/81 may be eligible. For more details, please visit The […] Read More

VA and FHA Mortgages & the Housing Boom (Part 1)

By Rick Tobin The most flexible and easiest qualifying mortgage loan product in America is the VA (US Department of Veteran Affairs) mortgage loan. Between 1944 and 1966, approximately 20% of all single-family homes built or purchased were financed by the VA home loan program for active military or retired veterans of World War II […] Read More

The Better Alternative to Your Retirement Account

By Gabby Darroch Today I want to spend a little time clarifying exactly what makes the Infinite Banking Concept different. Different from any other banking system, financial institution, or retirement you’ve ever seen or heard of before. This will help you understand why The Money Multiplier is the best system for your money. There are […] Read More