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Notes With a Side of Bacon

By Cody Cox

I’ve said multiple times in the past that in the note business, everyday is a day of education. Everyday provides for another learning opportunity, or as my HR Manager says, “another opportunity to excel.” One of the many things I learned this week is there is a website that will show you the smallest number of links to an any actor or actress, of any era, and they all link within six degrees to Kevin Bacon. No fooling. Any actor or actress; any era; all somehow connected to Kevin Bacon. Go ahead, try it:

Oracle of Bacon

What this really means is that each of us are connected. We are part of this vast network where it doesn’t take too long to find some connection to anyone else. If we had the time and the inclination, we could find our links to anyone else in the world. You & I are connected in various ways. Perhaps we worked together at some point. We might have went to the same church. Perhaps you were once a mortgage client when I was an Mortgage Account Executive. Or, we are connected on LinkedIn. Or perhaps we traded emails about one subject or another. Quite possibly, you are, or were, a member of Northwest Real Estate Investors Association here in Portland when I was the President. In one way or another, whether in person or not, our paths crossed as some point.

A point I am trying to establish, is we are part of this vast network together, and frankly, I need you. I’ve embarked on this journey of promissory note investing, and this year will prove to be a banner year. Not could, but will. Yet, to accomplish certain goals, your help is needed. 

And, I think you need me. I provide a prime opportunity for you to improve your investment yields by acquiring paper secured by residential real estate. Most of us know that many more folks gain wealth through real estate than by any other method. What I  bring is the experience, knowledge and connections to purchase the paper secured by real estate, and offer this opportunity to you to engage in this from a passive position. 

Hopefully, we can connect in another way besides this weekly emailer. I got started with this emailer almost two years ago. I found that every Sunday evening, between 5 – 7 each night, I got this awful feeling in my gut that I had to go back to work the next day; back to the day job. Writing this emailer every Sunday night distracted me from that feeling, provided an outlet, and illustrate an opportunity for my connections a way to enjoy superior returns on their investment capital, and doing it passively. These opportunities come to me daily, and perhaps we will get to connect on one. 

Happy Investing,

Cody Cox, Note Investor, Regular Contributor

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