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Stock Market Turn Makes Real Estate Investment Even More Vital

By Fuquan Bilal
The recent dive of the Dow Jones is waking up a lot more investors as to how vital it is to be invested in real estate today.

Following the complete flop of cryptocurrencies at the beginning of 2018, the Dow Jones has seen stock values plunge sharply. Taking an approximate 10% or 2,000 point dip in late January, and early February, the Dow’s fall from recent record highs are being taken as a sign of even worse to come. The warnings have been out there for years. Stocks are overpriced, under-collateralized, and are likely on the way much further down after a traditional revival blip. Most investors simply can’t afford this. They can’t afford to lose their investment portfolios outright, or even suffer a decade of softness and subpar prices.

This is going to drive even more individuals and groups to real estate. It’s always a good time to invest in real estate. If you have access to assets at the right price and can acquire income streams at the right yield. The coming boost this new round of demand and capital will bring could make real estate investments even more profitable over the next couple of years.

Even aside from the tax and potential appreciation benefits, real estate offers concrete security. Moreover, this safety net that can be found in mortgage notes collateralized by land and brick and mortar property as well.

The big and urgent question facing many now is how to get into real estate, and shift more of their investments into the real estate sector.

One option is to self-direct your own IRA. Start taking control over your 401k and IRA money, and ensure it lasts to provide for you and your legacy. You get hands on and flip houses or acquire rental homes too. Though most simply don’t have the time luxury or desire to do what it really takes. Or you can invest in a fund that directly owns and manages real estate assets, has the collateral, and offers strong yields.

One thing is clear – with the current activity only likely to further drive up real estate, the best gains are going to those who get in earliest.

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