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Warning to All Renters: Renting a House Could Cost You A Million Dollars

By Lex Levinrad

The Distressed Real Estate Institute has a report called “Warning to All Renters: Renting a House Could Cost You a Million Dollars!”

The report was based on the findings of a Distressed Real Estate Institute study that looked at data on thousands of single family homes in South Florida. “We looked at historical price data for these houses and completed a market analysis of how a typical first time home buyer could benefit by purchasing one of these houses today instead of renting the same house” said Lex Levinrad Founder of the Distressed Real Estate Institute.

“What we found is that prices have actually declined so much in South Florida over the past few years that in many cases it could actually be cheaper to purchase the house than to rent it” said Levinrad. “Even after accounting for property taxes and insurance in many instances it could still be cheaper to purchase a home than to rent it”. “This is a great time to buy real estate – especially if you are a first time home buyer and you can qualify for an FHA loan” said Levinrad.

The basis of the study was a comparison of the costs of a typical 3 bedroom 2 bathroom South Florida house which would appraise for approximately $100,000. There are houses in this price point in many South Florida Cities especially in Broward County cities like Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Margate and Deerfield Beach. These houses would typically rent for approximately $1,100 per month and would cost about the same in monthly mortgage payments if they were purchased with an FHA Mortgage Loan. “Our specialty is low priced single family starter homes which are most attractive for renters and first time home buyers” said Levinrad. “We know this market well because we purchase these houses directly from the bank and we often fix them up and then sell them to first time home buyers or renters that are looking for a rent to own home”.

“Many people that are currently renting in this price point have decent credit and could get approved for an FHA Mortgage” said Levinrad. “They simply do not know that they can afford to own their own home and in most cases there is no one that is marketing to them and informing them of this fact”.

The findings of the study indicate that a typical $100,000 house could be worth as much as $1,000,000 by the year 2041. This is when the 30 year FHA mortgage would be paid off assuming that they purchased in 2011. “Owning real estate always pays off in the long term” said Levinrad. “People have very short term memories and ten or twenty years from now they will wish they had purchased a home.  Making the decision to buy a home versus continuing to rent will result in a substantially better retirement” said Levinrad.

“In many cases this will be the only opportunity in their lifetime to purchase South Florida Real Estate at an affordable price where the monthly payment could be the same amount or even less than the equivalent rent. This market crash and foreclosure crisis has created a unique situation where for the first time in many years housing is actually affordable. It is a great time to buy real estate – especially for first time home buyers” said Levinrad.


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