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Way of the Real Estate Warrior

What really propels the financial success of real estate leaders that outlast and outperform the crowd?

By Sensei Gilliland, Founder of Black Belt Investors

How to get, and keep, more of what you want in life and finances, through real estate, sustainably…


Way of the Warrior

A real estate warrior isn’t just someone charging ahead determined to achieve ‘rhinoceros success’ at any cost. In fact, the true definition of ‘warrior’ refers more to experience than anything else. Anyone that is even vaguely familiar with the explosion of MMA and the UFC, knows two things. First is that what was once a mixed martial arts competition between different styles and strategies, has evolved to where virtually every fighter now trains in a variety of arts in order to be able to survive and win. It’s about making the right moves at the right time. Second; you can’t just be great at offense or defense. Anyone can score a one hit wonder, once. But to win over the long run, you need both. You’ve got to be covered from the hits, and have good technique and know when to strike too. That’s why football teams have both an offense and defense.

Rolling with the Punches


punched-624751_640You’ve got to have stamina, and to be able to brush off some hits. That’s true of real estate, personal finance, life, martial arts, and boxing. Just ask Mohammed Ali.

This year I’m celebrating 27 years as a martial arts business owner, and 20 years as a real estate business owner. It’s been a couple of decades of making great strides in income, wealth building, and being able to share those successes with others.

What I haven’t talked about much before is the blows. Not the market cycles and changes. I’ve managed to weather those quite well. But those we all face such as health challenges. Despite decades of fitness and training, even I have found myself out of the office due to unexpected medical issues in the past. We all get KO’d by the flu now and again, but I’ve also had to undergo ankle surgeries, and deal with eyesight issues, and more. This year I was hospitalized with meningitis. That meant weeks in bed. Some people never survive that. For the average individual that time off and the medical bills can mean the end of a career and bankruptcy.

karate-971341_640I made it. Everything continued to keep moving like clockwork, and I’m confident that issues like these won’t take me down thanks to my business, the Ultimate Cash Machine, and the key part passive income real estate plays in that. In fact, even though I thrive on being in action, if I have to, I can kick back and catch an old MMA fight, or even an extended power nap, while in recovery mode. All without missing a check.

You Can’t Just Survive on the Sidelines

Today millions of Americans are facing much bigger financial challenges than I have every day. It’s not just about effective defense against those small bumps and bruises that can come at any time. It is career ending injuries, the prospect of trying to catch up with passive income and retirement savings, and having a backup in case of a career field falling apart or being replaced by technology and new regulations. You’ve got to be proactive, and have good defense. But you aren’t going to score any wins or defend what you’ve won by sitting in the bleachers. You can’t get any hits if you aren’t even in the batter’s box.

But I don’t even have to tell you that stocks are scary right now, and that oil and gas, and gold offer nowhere to hide. And nor do bank savings accounts, CDs, or under the mattress.

Mixing it up in Real Estate


Picture6I personally love the diversification of my ultimate cash machine, and business which provides consistent income from rents, lump sum payouts from wholesaling for those big bills and acquiring more rental properties. All of this is insulated with smart (and legal) tax umbrellas, and has more literal concrete protection than a black belt can break through with a blow. Top that off with a well selected champion portfolio of real estate assets which is set to deliver robust appreciation over the next few years, and it checks all the boxes. That’s the way that I ensure my finances are strong and fighting fit, no matter what I’m up against.

Knocking Out the Clichés of Real Estate Investment

The beautiful thing is that all clichés aside, there is a way for everyone to get in and begin building this for themselves. There’s no one magical cookie cutter answer that suits everyone.

For some it may require ninja style tactics to get going with little money, time, or credit. That may mean beginning with real estate wholesaling, lease options, or private lending, and partnering up. Maybe some will start real estate businesses of their own. For others it may be starting by rolling over IRAs and 401k accounts to self-directed retirement plans, and investing in rental real estate.

I do this every day. I share as much as I can because it is just so important. It is sad for anyone to miss out on. It’s not just about having more money. It provides that. But the peace of mind, giving kids the best start they can have, helping their parents, and reaching full potential in giving and helping others can all be priceless. And you don’t necessarily have to become a full time investor or real estate business owner to enjoy it. In fact, my Remote Rehabs service was featured by Globe St. and Market Watch this year for helping individuals achieve their financial goals hands-free.

I know that making the leap into real estate can be confusing, and everyone is in a unique situation, with different timelines, and strengths and goals. My companies offer real estate tours and practical workshops, but I also offer personal one-on-one Strategy Sessions for FREE.

I’d love the opportunity to help you get to where you want to go financially; making stronger gains, and protecting what you build. If you’re not sure of the best strategy for you, or what the next step is, request a Free Strategy Session at BlackBeltInvestors.com/coaching/free-consultation.

_DSC5191aAbout Sensei Gilliland

Founder of Black Belt Investors; Sensei Gilliland has been featured on the cover of Real Estate Wealth Magazine, hosts ‘The West’s Top Ranked Real Estate Investors’ Club’ – 12 ROUNDS, and has engineered several highly popular trademarked real estate investment systems. Sensei is the go-to source for serious investors and entrepreneurs seeking extremely effective, no holds barred training, investment properties and funding. Contact Black Belt Investors at 951.280.1900 or www.BlackBeltInvestors.com

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