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Young South Florida Entrepreneur Leads the Way in Enhancing the Community

By Tim Houghten

Young Entrepreneur John Aaron reveals his thoughts on the direction of the Florida market, and where he sees the most attractive opportunities ahead…

Going from small town to leading a popular brand in the Magic City of Miami, John Aaron demonstrates where his company is going and what’s possible with serious focus, commitment, and a leap of faith.

If you’ve ever heard of Sebring, Florida you know it is a little town without much going on. That’s were John Aaron grew up. There aren’t many options when you grow up in that type of environment. If you do really well you might eventually get a job at the local hospital, or perhaps get a football scholarship and a pass to a faraway college. Sebring doesn’t even have any interstate highways going through it. That didn’t stop this hungry entrepreneur from pursuing his passion and dream.

During a recent interview with Katrina Campins (The Apprentice) he is described as one of the few next generation young entrepreneurs that have both hustle and work ethic. Early on he knew he wanted to do something with real estate, and he believed Miami was the place where you could really make the magic happen.

Initially starting as an agent John quickly through in the towel and started investing. John formed the Aaron Organization in late 2012 and began hunting for his own property deals. While he insists that real estate investing is not a get rich quick gig, his first deal which landed him a check for $19,000 got him hooked and only emboldened his mission.

In the last four years the Aaron Organization team has flipped over 200 single family homes in the tri-county area of South Florida. However, John tells Realty 411 that more than just being about the money, his focus and persistence has really paid off in proving the ability for you to achieve what you believe in, in whatever field you are willing to take a leap of faith towards. The Aaron Organization has a great brand and blossoming company culture, but in John’s words the team is also winning in “creating something positive.” By enhancing the community and giving job opportunities

As John experienced; there will always be the pessimists, the bears, and those that have given up on their dreams willing to offer their negativity or two cents. Aaron Organization’s founder insists “It’s always a great market, if you have the right strategy.”

Aaron Organization is definitely on the rise in South Florida, and boasts a growing team including Acquisition Manager Darlenys Castillo who is young, hungry, and has been with Aaron organization for 2 years. Darlenys has helped acquire of over 80 homes and counting. Paola Vizcaino has been with the Organization for over a year and is closing transactions every week.

Aaron Organizations thoughts on the market now is that there may be more Florida buyers and investors using loans for leverage today than a few years ago, but for those that have ever visited Miami; you already know the international attention it commands and its role as a major global banking stronghold, playground for the wealthy, and investment haven for wealthy domestic and foreign investors. These are trends only likely to continue and grow with the recent finishing of the Panama Canal widening which is pegged to dramatically bolster the Florida economy.

John reveals that Aaron Organization has gone beyond its stronghold of renovating single family homes to enhancing the way of life in the region through developing commercial properties. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach have well built up areas, but despite that fact they still have pockets which are ripe for development and revitalization. John tells us that this is where the biggest opportunities are for both having the greatest returns for investors who are seeking better value and spreads than can be found in Miami’s more congested neighborhoods and districts and also have positive impact for the community,.

For investment and partnership opportunities for qualified investors find out more about this firm, its founder, track record and vision online at AaronOrganization.com.

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